Rare McCartney – Dance ‘Til We’re High

OK. Another fairly difficult-to-find McCartney CD single has come into the collection this week.

When Paul’s alter ego The Fireman (being Paul McCartney and long-time collaborator/producer Youth) released his third album last year (2008) there were three collectable promotional releases associated with the project.

The first was the full album – but with a different cover – that was only sent to reviewers and radio stations. (More on this in a forthcoming post…).

The second was a promo-only CD single containing the song “Sing the Changes”. The numbers of these floating around for sale on Ebay, etc. were a fair bit higher – so there were obviously more of these pressed than third item on the list – another promo-only CD single containing the track “Dance ’til We’re High”. These were far harder to find, and pretty costly on Ebay as a result.

The CD is a digipack gate-fold cardboard sleeve featuring photographs inside and out from the same sessions as the photos from the official album release cover and booklet.  The two other promotional items mentioned above also have similar photos – so if you have them all they sit together nicely thematically with a very similar look and feel.

I have included a scan of the front cover of “Dance ’til We’re High” below, as well as a scan of the printing on the disc itself which has the words “For Promotional Use Only” on it.

If you’d like to see and read about another hard-to-find Paul McCartney CD single click here.

I’ll post some info and images of the other Fireman-related promo CD’s soon.

The Fireman  “Dance ’til We’re High”

Label:  MPL/One Little Indian

Cat. No.: 1011p7cdp

2008/UK/1 track CD Single/Promo


"Dance 'til We're High" - The Fireman


"Dance 'til We're High" CD

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