McCartney’s “Ram” Deluxe – What’s Inside

The forthcoming deluxe re-issue of Paul McCartney’s “Ram” [21st May (UK)/ 22nd May (USA/Rest Of World)] will be very different in the way it is packaged compared to the three previous deluxe reissues in the Archive series.

3 thoughts on “McCartney’s “Ram” Deluxe – What’s Inside

  1. I pre ordered my RAM box set today at Amazon, just charged me seven dollars for shipping and handling to Venezuela. Previously I tried to pre-order from the official website of McCartney but they charged 57 dollars for shipping. Obviously I was left with the option that gives me Amazon. Also take advantage and pre ordered the blueray of Yellow Submarine.


  2. That’s really cheap postage. $57 for shipping is just crazy. And I have ordered direct from the McCartney site once before – when I got the Fireman “Electric Arguments” release on vinyl. Postage was slow, expensive, and it was very poorly packed. The LP cover arrived damaged.


    • Well actually that is what they charged me for packing and shipping to Venezuela on a standard. The previous box sets of Paul McCartney had to buy them on Ebay and the shipping was moderate, think it was $ 16. I have always drawn attention to the official sites because they charge the shipping much more expensive, this happens also on the website of The Beatles, Lennon even in that of George Harrison site. For this reason I usually buy at other sites online to try to save a few cents.


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