Beatles With Records – Part Eleven

Our readers keep coming up with new photographs of the Beatles with records.

Here is another one sent from Claude Defer in France. Claude is an avid collector and author and has co-written and published a book on the Beatles French releases (see below). He sent me this great shot of all four band members signing two EP’s most likely taken in France in June, 1965 while they were on a brief European tour:
With a bit of detective work from Claude we believe the disc closest to the bottom of the photograph is this one – the “I Feel Fine” French EP:

Many of the French EPs have that distinctive large B in the name of group, and the red cursive writing (les Beatles) that you can just see in the photograph. The text and other photos on the rear of the cover seem to fit this particular record.

We’re not sure about the other record under their pens.  Any info please contact

You can see the other parts in “The Beatles with Records” series here:  Parts 123456789101213141516 and 17.

Thanks Claude!  As I said, Claude Defer is a prolific Beatles collector and expert and he has released a book in France, with his co-writer Hervé Boudaillez, about the Beatles French Discography, from 1971 following the split of the Fab’s until the last vinyl record manufactured in France. The text of the book is in French, and Volume One (which deals with all the 45 rpm releases) has 200 pages, including more than 1,000 pictures of the record sleeves and discs:

3 thoughts on “Beatles With Records – Part Eleven

  1. Crazy Cole, the Beatles song “Any Time At All” was on the UK release of “A Hard Days Night”, “Something New”, and the compilation album, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music”.


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