Produced by George Martin – Win Your Own Copy

In our last post we brought you the details of a terrific new documentary out now on DVD and BluRay about the life and work of George Martin.

The film is called simply “Produced by George Martin”.

It’s a fascinating journey through the amazing output and influence of a record producer who changed the world.

By answering the question below you could be the lucky owner of your very own copy, courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment. And the question is:

George Martin was never just about one band. There was also comedy, and in 1965  he produced, arranged and conducted the accompaniment for a mock, spoken version of the Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”.       Who was the performer? 

The first correct answer to me at will win a DVD copy of  “Produced by George Martin”.

By the way, there are two great reviews of “Produced by George Martin” here and here.

2 thoughts on “Produced by George Martin – Win Your Own Copy

  1. Thank you for the links to the two other reviews….I enjoyed reading them…it makes me even more curious to see the DVD now. Such a shame that Sir George now suffers from severe hearing loss. A friend of mine sent him a copy of a CD he recorded a few years back and asked if he wouldn’t mind having a listen. Sir George took the time to write him a lovely letter, thanking him for sending his CD along and apologising because, regretfully, he didn’t feel he could give it a fair assessment due to his hearing loss. Sir George is a true gentleman!


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