A is for Apple – New Book On The Way

Our interest was sparked by a recent post on Wogblog about a new series of books (still in preparation – Part 1 is being readied for publication in 2015) called A is for Apple.

This looks to become the first comprehensive study of Apple Corps, the company which the Beatles set up to handle not only their own recorded releases, films, publishing and the like, but also to build a stable of new and established artists, a fashion label and retail outlet, an electronics division, a music publishing company, and a film production company.

A is for Apple is the brainchild of two authors: German Axel Korinth, and Dutchman Ed Dieckmann who have issued a general call-out for more information about all aspects of Apple and its operations, especially photographs, documents, memorabilia, etc.

If you have any items of interest you can contact them at: research@aisforapplebook.com, or via their website, where you can also pre-order the book, view some early sample pages, etc.

Specifically, Axel and Ed need help with good quality images for a couple of records. A is for Apple won’t be a straight discography but rather a cross between a discography and a narrative. Ed Dieckmann has already compiled a fascinating Apple Records discography on the excellent www.applerecords.nl, but a book like this goes well beyond releases just on the Apple label. This is because Apple Music and Apple Publishing were the rights holders to a wide range of songs, published by all sorts of artists on all sorts of labels. Here’s a typical example – it’s a song from 1968 called “Dear Delilah” by a London-based band called Grapefruit. They were on the RCA-Victor label, but as you can see (on the left side of the label below) their song was administered by Apple Publishing Ltd – a company owned by the Beatles. This is the British pressing (click the image to enlarge):$_57Below is a list of records that the authors of A is for Apple are urgently seeking out to include in their first volume. Of every record mentioned the authors have at least one image, but it’s their aim to show all aspects of a certain record release. In other words they need scans of both sides of labels, the back and front cover and – if available – of any inserts (like those found in Japanese records, for example). If you can help in any way, please do!

Grapefruit: Dear Delilah b/w The Dead Boot (RCA Victor 31A-1251)
Grapefruit: Elevator b/w Yes (RCA Victor 31A-1298)
Soundtrack: Candy (ABC Records ABCS-OC-9)

Jigsaw: Mr Job b/w A Great Idea (MGM 33)
Paul McCartney: The Family Way (Decca SKLA-4847) – the original 1967 release, not the reissue!
Zoot: You Better Get Going Now b/w Three Jolly Little Dwarfs (Columbia DO-8438)

Black Dyke Mills Band: Thingumybob b/w Yellow Submarine (Apple 4)

Grapefruit: Elevator b/w Yes (RCA Victor 94-0586)

Grapefruit: C’Mon Marianna b/w Ain’t It Good (RCA Victor 49.914)
Grapefruit: Someday Soon b/w Theme For Twiggy (Stateside 2C 006-90029)
New Inspiration: I See No Reason Why b/w Grey Hair Wrinkled Skin (Disc’Az AZ SG 53)
New Inspiration: All My Life b/w Happy Charly Madman (Disc’Az AZ 10 428)
The Web: Hatton Mill Morning b/w Conscience (Deram 17.020)

Denis Couldry: James In The Basement b/w I Am Nearly There (Decca DL 25328) white label demo

Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea b/w The Eagle Laughs At You (Apple 3)

Byrds: Child Of The Universe b/w I Wasn’t Born To Follow (CBS 4834)

Black Dyke Mills Band: Thingumybob b/w Yellow Submarine (Apple AR-2169)
Byrds: Child Of The Universe (CBS A-82077)
Grapefruit: Elevator EP (Victor SCP-1361)
Grapefruit: Round Going Round b/w This Little Man (Stateside Dunhill HR-2276)
Grapefruit: C’Mon Marianne b/w Theme For Twiggy (Toshiba Dunhill HR-2193)
Dave Grusin: Candy (ABC Hit 1812S)
Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea b/w The Eagle Laughs At You (Apple AR-2168)
Steppenwolf: Rock Me b/w Magic Carpet Ride (Stateside HR-2635)

Grapefruit: Round Going Round b/w This Little Man (Stateside PSS 101)

Grapefruit: Someday Soon b/w Theme For Twiggy (Stateside EMI SSL 414)
New Inspiration: All My Life b/w Happy Charly Madman (Decca MO 682)

The Web: Harold Dubbleyew b/w Monday To Friday (Deram 6903)

New Inspiration: All My Life b/w The Memory (Parlophone R 5772) regular and A-label demo
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Goin’ To Memphis (CBS S 63265) Stereo pressing only!

Grapefruit: Round Going Round b/w This Little Man (Odeon 20020)

Soundtrack: Candy (Capitol Record Club ST-91712)
Soundtrack: Candy 8 track (release number as yet unknown)

Ultimately A is for Apple will consist of four volumes in all. It is a huge undertaking. The first instalment (covering the years 1966-1968) is due for publication in the first half of 2015. Each volume of the fully illustrated book will be limited to 500 copies.

14 thoughts on “A is for Apple – New Book On The Way

  1. I don’t think the Byrds ever had anything to do with Apple. It’s probable that Italian single had Apple in the small print, but it’s probably an error – although maybe I’m wrong on that.

    Anyway, I think this could be a great set of books, but I hope the authors sort out all the typos and poor grammar. It makes the book difficult to read for me. Quote marks are sometimes backwards, they use hyphens where they need dashes, there’s a mixture of US and UK spellings, and so on… and it’s full of clumsy wording like “it was not perceived at the time in 1966/77″…

    They’ve got time to get it proofed, so let’s hope they do.


    • Since Apple has a really big history in such a rather small amout of time this book could very well be the definitive book on the subject if people will come forward and help the authors. From Baker Street, Savile Row, St. James Street to Stratton St. and Ovington Square, Apple Corps has an iteresting tale to tell.
      ! Harold “Ziggy”


  2. Hi – As one of the writers of this book, allow me to react to some of the remarks posted here: The Byrds have no connection to Apple, that is so. We do need scans of this single, however, as it is connected to the Candy movie (starring Ringo). As for the typos/grammar, we will have the final product proofread by an English gentleman with a degree in English, so it should be free of grammatical errors by the time it’s off to the printers. Thanks for your interest!


  3. I have always been extreemly interested in all the the goings on with the Beatles company Apple since I first saw it mentioned as “The Apple” on the “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” cover. This project is one that gets my heart pumping.


    • I spent some time at Apple (3 Savile Row) and a lot of time at Apple at 54 St. James Street (1973-75). The comings and goings of Paul (& Linda), George (and Pattie) and Ringo Starr were many. I asually walked up the street with Paul & Linda to the offices, I was handed an Om patch from George personally there and met I up with Ringo and his mate Marc Bolan (T-Rex) there. Fifty Four St. James Street wasn’t very well known, or it didn’t have the “traffic” that 3 Saville Row had. The Apple Scruffs and a the few fans who knew about it made it a easy place to meet the (ex) Beatles. My memories from there are rich and sublime.
      ~ Harold “Ziggy”


      • Sorry for the misspellings. “asually” should have been “casually.” “Met I up” should have been “I met up.”


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