How Much is That Beatle Autograph Worth?

We don’t collect Beatle memorabilia like autographs, signed photos, tickets, posters, toys and such – but many people do.

If you have an authentic Beatle photograph which is autographed by one or more of the band you might be wondering what it’s worth. And is it increasing in value as the years go by?Signed Beatles PostcardBeatles_Autograhs

Well, it turns out that signed Beatle photographs appear to be a pretty good investment.

That’s according to the PFC40 Autograph Index (to 2018), compiled by Paul Fraser Collectibles. Their list tracks the values of 40 of the world’s most sought-after autographs since the year 2000. The prices given are an evaluation of the market value for a fully authenticated, best quality signed photo, based on close monitoring of dealer and auction sales. (A “best quality” example will feature a photograph in superb condition, depicting the subject in their most famous era, with a sharp, clear signature acquired during that period).

On the latest PFC40 Autograph Index Summary the Beatles feature prominently:

The most valuable autograph: £29,500 for a signed photo of The Beatles. (That’s US$38,560, or AU$50,439 at today’s exchange rate!)

One of the top performing autographs was Paul McCartney’s, with a value for the year of £2950.

Over the period 2000-2018 the top performing autograph was George Harrison’s with an 18.2% increase over that period.

The Beatles as a group appear twice in the Top 40 list for 2000-2018, as do all four individual Beatles – John Lennon (+12.2% over 18 years), Paul McCartney (+17% over 18 years), George Harrison (see above), and Ringo Starr (+12% over 18 years).

Ringo AutographLennon_Autograph

So, hang on to those autographs – especially if they are on photographs or album covers.

To see some of the prices that Beatle items are fetching go to the search page at Paul Fraser Collectables.

21 thoughts on “How Much is That Beatle Autograph Worth?

  1. Found These Really Old Photos In Old Box Of Pics.Pics Are Of The Beattles Together And Separate And They Are Signed Appear To Be Real Not Sure Might Look To Have Checked Out
    May Trade Or Sell Them


  2. I have a love me do 45 and 6 black and white photographs of them when they first came to the United States.I also have 3 1964 teen magazine of witch one looks to be signed by all fore on the back. WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM who do I trust to get a honest appraisal.


  3. I have a singned picture of all four Beatles in poor condition but legiable signatures and clarity of photo. How much would that be worth? 1964.


  4. Good morning, how are you? In 1963 my Aunt sent a letter to the Beatles and received a photo autographed by the 4 members, how can she confirm and know the market value today?


  5. I have a Paul McCartney signature on a photo from 1964 signed by himself at the actual concert in 1964. Also other Beatles record company letters and ticket stub and flyer from the same concert. All framed behind glass.


  6. I have a autographed seems like a child’s wallet of The Beatles from has to be before the 80’s I would like to know if it’s worth anything


  7. My brother stayed at George Harrison’s guest house in Maui in the 1990s with his friend who was the property caretaker. Brother didn’t meet George as he wasn’t there but George signed a poster and specifically said “To Gerry, …… George Harrison” – what is the value if the autograph has a “To ….” a specific person’s name on it?


  8. I have an original photograph from 1960’s that’s autographed by all of them. It has been on my family’s possession since then.

    Where can I sell it?


  9. Hello I have a picture of all four beatles signed at their 1964 concert in Sydney. My mother attended personally after sneaking out with her older sister. This is what she kept for 55years.


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