McCartney’s ‘Egypt Station’ – Yet Another Vinyl Version Available

There was another twist yesterday in the increasingly strange and frustrating story of the number of different versions of Paul McCartney’s soon-to-be-released Egypt Station.

Spotify subscribers who were somehow determined to be dedicated McCartney streamers were sent this email:

Now, that’s kind of odd. Firstly, offering people who mostly consume their music digitally the only access to an exclusive green vinyl double LP was seen by some avid collectors as, well, strange: The popular Super Deluxe Edition page and the Daily Beatle quickly weighed in, as did many followers on McCartney forum pages, asking why such an exclusive physical product would be offered to a fan group that – potentially – had little interest in such a thing, while collectors who love getting hold of actual product were excluded.

Then, within 24 hours, the story took another turn.

It seems the limited Spotify green vinyl wasn’t as “exclusive” as it was first portrayed. Anyone can now log on to the official Paul McCartney online store and order a copy…..

The green vinyl joins the Barnes and Noble exclusive red vinyl:

And the Paul McCartney site-only orange and blue Deluxe Vinyl Edition: 

Has the marketing of this LP now run to too many versions, both on vinyl and on CD? There’s still a Super Deluxe version to be announced. No one knows yet what that will contain.

16 thoughts on “McCartney’s ‘Egypt Station’ – Yet Another Vinyl Version Available

    • I hear you , honestly , however when you collect for decades your locked into what you have to collect to keep the collection up to date.

      All these versions keep collectors excited and on the constant hunt.

      More searchers online for McCartney…..

      More free advertising for the McCartney money wagon.

      And during all the new McCartney Vinyl of late Lennon Vinyls begin again….

      Will it ever end ?

      I am happy none the less. Broke. But happy.


      W Nala


      • I am hearing you too. I admit: I was never a completist. And the three songs released so far didn’t help either, to be honest. Hope I’m wrong, but this won’t be the new ‘NEW’ , Memory Almost Full nor Flaming Pie… I’ll spend my bucks on the ‘Double White’ boxset, will help Macca receive some funds too ;-).


    • I forgot about the White Album box set !!

      Jebus ….. and I thought I was broke now.

      Will there be a Beatles 45 vinyl remastered singles box set ?

      Will there be a Beatles EP remastered set ?

      I’ll read the collectors news one day soon ….

      Oh boy .


  1. Thank you for letting know ….

    As soon as I read your post I had ordered copies !!!

    £ to $ ….. nasty !


    W Nala

    P S Was the mid price label series the first time Macca was reissued in the 80s or the 90s in Aust from memory…….. ?


  2. what color is the deluxe vinyl version that is being sold on Amazon? The only difference i see from the description is the packaging and the 140g vs. 180g vinyl. would they really release two different black versions just with different jackets and weights? that seems pointless…


    • The Amazon deluxe vinyl is black. Colours are only available from the official McCartney site, and also from Barnes & Noble (red vinyl).

      So yes, Amazon (and all other shops) will be offering a deluxe black vinyl 180g (two discs) in a special “concertina” triple gatefold sleeve, and a standard black vinyl 140g (also two discs) in a single sleeve…..


  3. Just on Macca site and for £100 is there another ? It states colour to be announced, is it the delux green that was available on the Macca site a few days back or a new colour variation ? Bloody hell . : – )


    • It’s most probably the one with one blue disc and one orange – exclusive to the official McCartney store. Are you in Australia? It is cheaper than £100 via the local Universal Music online shop. The green one was initially only available to Spotify subscribers also via the McCartney store. It seems to be open to all now too. Check the link in our story about it. Hope this helps!


  4. FFS, why do people continue to insist that digital and vinyl formats are mutually exclusive? Do some real journalism and you will discover people of all ages embracing both. I personally think that the two formats compliment each other. My kids and their friends are both vinyl and digital consumers.


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