Black Friday RSD Blues

Record Store Day and Black Friday for us is definitely a hit-and-miss affair.

Today we were of course on the hunt for the Paul McCartney RSD double A-side single ‘I Don’t Know’/’Come On To Me’.

On Black Friday last year it had paid off to get up bright and early to be somewhere near the front of the queue at the biggest and best independent record store in Sydney – Red Eye Records. This time around we got there so early the store wasn’t open yet and were actually the very first in line! Our massive fail from Record Store Day proper in 2017 wasn’t going to happen this time around, oh no…..

…or was it?

That sense of euphoria at being very likely to secure the new, limited-edition single was soon brought crashing down when we saw, much to our disappointment, this sign posted on the front door:

That was a blow. We’d checked their website earlier in the week and there’d been no indication of a delay. So we decided to stick around to see if the sign meant they hadn’t got all of their order, but possibly had received some.

When 9 o’clock rolled around and the doors finally opened the staff were very apologetic. They had in fact got zero of their entire Record Store Day order. No Paul McCartney, but nothing of anything else either. None. Zilch.

The only bright side to the story was that they were expecting the new Paul McCartney. It’d been confirmed from the supplier that the single was definitely included in their order and so, because we’d actually come into the store, they were prepared to take our name and put one aside. When will we get it? ‘I Don’t Know’. But we’ve got one!

UPDATE:  Seems that there are two different pressings of this single, one for the US market and one for the UK. The US version is hand-numbered on the rear (from a total of 5600 copies) and comes with a non die-cut inner sleeve: 

While the UK/Europe version is not individually numbered on the rear, has no FBI anti-piracy logo on the rear, and comes with a die-cut inner sleeve that reveals the labels: 

Just one more collecting wrinkle for those completists among us!

(Click on iamges for larger versions)

6 thoughts on “Black Friday RSD Blues

  1. It is available on; rather pricy though, £ 13.23 plus postage.
    I ordered a copy yesterday.
    I live in France, and I really enjoy your blog; I read yours, also blogspot in English and Swissbeatlesfanclub (in french).


  2. I was in San Diego for a conference the week Egypt Station came out, but all the Target stores I tried on the release day and the day after were sold out. I had an overnight stopover in Honolulu on the way back to Sydney, and literally as we were walking back to our hotel as the stores were closing, I called into the Target store (at the insistence of my better half), and they had oodles of copies, of which I bought one (didn’t think to buy more – d’oh!). Not sure what that says about Paul’s popularity in Hawaii, though..?


    • That’s a pity! I’d would have bought a copy from you. Would love to have a copy of the US Target version with the two bonus tracks (with its green elastic outer sash that makes it different again to the “standard” version).


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