Beatle Music Collecting in the age of COVID

Does anyone remember when Paul McCartney’s Flaming Pie – the Archive Collection Edition – was officially released?

Oh yeah, it was back on Friday, July 31. Seems like such a long time ago now.

It was officially announced on June 12:Back then, just after that first announcement, we posted this article on some of the items the forthcoming deluxe box set would contain, some of the rarities that’ve previously been released only as B-sides, etc.

It was an exiting time, expectation was building and we dutifully pre-ordered from the Paul McCartney official store site.

Well, it’s now September 3 and we are still waiting for our box set and LP’s to be delivered here in Australia. I know these are weird times and we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but patience is running a little thin.

Things were looking really good early on. The day after the official release, August 1, we got this hopeful email:

It’s on its way! But the helpful tracking info soon revealed that it didn’t get very far.

When you think about Paul McCartney and his “store”, you tend to think it might be in Britain. But no, our box was coming from the USA. By August 11 the package had been “received by the partner carrier” and, from what we can tell, was taken to a loading facitlity in New York. We guess this was somewhere near one of the big airports, either John F. Kennedy or La Guardia. And there it sat. And sat.   

The package didn’t move from this spot for so long we wrote to Customer Service at the McCartney store. To their credit they responded immediately saying it had “….probably missed a scan somewhere”, and assured us that our Flaming Pie goodies were indeed making progress.

It took until August 22 for the tracking site to register that the package had finally “Departed Terminal Location”. Woo hoo! Progress.

On August 29 we got a note it had in fact arrived in Australia.

In Perth.

On the other side of the country.

Australia is a lot bigger than most people realise. We’re talking 3,280 kilometers or 2038 miles away by air.And as of today, five days later, that’s where it remains. So close, yet so far.

I know. First World Problems. It’s only music, and in the scheme of things a tiny inconvenience. Everyone is trying their hardest, trying to keep things as normal as possible. And the number of flights between the USA and Australia is now severely curtailed, while the number of people seeking home delivery for just about everything has risen exponentially. Times are tough.

But is anyone else in the same boat as us and still waiting for their Flaming Pie to be delivered? Let us know in the comments box below.

9 thoughts on “Beatle Music Collecting in the age of COVID

  1. I have the super deluxe set with the 6 photo portfolio–It is beautiful but in Canadian dollars it was around $850!! that and the Egypt Station suitcase were purchases I’m sorry about–that one cost around $450–so $1300 on two deluxe sets not to mention all the coloured vinyl, the cassette, the picture disc, etc, etc–I think I spent just under $2000 on these releases and now the RSD Mccartney re-mastered at half speed? Pass, and pass on everything from now on–time to sell I think


    • The big Collectors Edition looks amazing and is a beautifully made piece. Interested to know if you ordered it from the Paul McCartney Store site, and if the delivery time to Canada was fast? (Also is it an exclusive and only available at the McCartney site?)

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      • I got it from It’s universal Canada’s mail
        Order division. It came about 10 days after it was released in the USA

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  2. Hello Don from Brisbane.
    I got my big $650 box there’s two days ago. I did send a letter to the Paul McCartney website to say I was extremely angry that I paid $170 Australian for express postage but it still took a month to get here. I did ring Australia Post and they did tell me that the postage I paid was for economy post. What I am extremely angry with the fact is that I paid for Premium post but got economy posted scared. I’ve always found Paul McCartney’s website very difficult to deal with. I will add that I did buy the massive big box set with the LPS and the CDs. It is a large box in very heavy. As you all know Australia always gets forgotten about. And we pay 3 times the price than anybody else.


  3. Also ordered the deluxe set as soon as I got the email, and also still waiting. Universal’s carrier are reliably useless, but AusPost are not blameless in all of this.


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