Beatles Blog is a page dedicated to the avid Beatles music collector.

Here you’ll find regular updates about new Beatles releases and collectable vinyl, compact discs and DVDs – either by the Beatles as a group, as solo artists, or Beatles-related projects. There will also be information about books and magazines.

As new items come into our collection we’ll update this blog with details, cover photos, catalogue information and stuff like that.

Please feel free to contribute images or other information on anything you see here – especially if it will assist other collectors in their knowledge of things Beatle.

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  1. Enjoy your site!

    Just thought I’d add a little something about your LOVE releases. I have a Japanese promo CD single (familiar bright yellow cover and nice insert that lists the other tracks on the full CD release) that contains the track Within You and Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows. Apparently, so the tale goes, it was created for Japanese radio stations but issued by EMI Japan without the full knowledge of EMI’s London office. It was withdrawn shortly after release, thus making it rather uncommon. It is absolutely NOT an unauthorized release but remains the only CD single issued from the LOVE project. “Promo Sample” is printed in Japanese around the hub. Label number on disc is PCD-3275.


    • Hi Ned,
      Glad you enjoy the site. The Japanese promo CD single you have from the “Love” release sounds a really inteersting and collectable item – especially as it sems to have been accidently released by EMI Japan, then withdrawn! If you could send me an an image of the cover and the CD disc itself that would be great and I will post something about it.


  2. Hi there!!
    I really enjoyed looking at your blog, you have interesting posts!

    I wanted to tell you that I am currently working on a university project for a company called TWITTERFOUNTAIN which gives webpages the opportunity to have a widget which shows what the world is currently saying about a certain topic via Twitter, in this case of course The Beatles 🙂

    This is a very innovative way to show to your readers also the tweets that are being made. If you want to see an example check this link:

    And if you want the code for the widget you can get it there. It is all free because it’s still a test to see what bloggers think about this type of products.

    Thanks a lot for your time, keep up with the blog and if you have any doubts contact me 🙂


  3. Hi Beatlesblogger

    Recently you wrote:

    “The forthcoming 2010 Apple CD reissues will contain bonus material as well, and in most cases these will be additional to the tracks already re-issued on these vinyls and on CD in the early 1990′s. Some of the additional tracks in 2010 will be included on the new CDs, but some will be only be available for digital download – that is unless you buy the box set of all the CD albums complete. ”

    Do you know how to locate and purchase these new 2010 ” digital downloads” without buy the Apple Box? The downloads are NOT listed on any music website including i-Tunes and Amazon. Thanks for your help! Frustrated in New Jersey!


    PS Love your blog!


    • Hi Joe,

      I just had a look on i-Tunes and they have now appeared. The individual CDs and the Apple Box Set were only released this week so maybe when you looked they were still being uploaded for sale digitally. They appear to be there for download on Amazon too.




  4. Know anything of a Cd given to attendees at a Sgt. Pepper 20th anniversary reunion party way back then. Many years ago I was collecting beatle CD’s and purchased what is said to be one of a hundred or so of these CD’s. Last time I read anything about them I think it was in a L.R.E. King pub. If you have time, just curious. Nice blog, lots of info on lots of stuff I have.


  5. The Sgt. Pepper is not from the HMV series, I have those and have compared them. I will follow with some pictures as soon as I dig it out.


  6. Hi I was hoping to get a little information I have a poster a Mike McCartney black and white I would like to sell it has Peter Best in it and numbered is there a , site that would be good for this.
    Thanks Terrie Henderson


  7. Man, I thought I was possessed/obsessed till I stumbled across your blog/site.
    Keep up the good work – every time I think of doing the same I encounter someone who is doing a better job than me.


  8. I have truly enjoyed your articles about Beatles rare recordings.
    I sent you an email from my Gmail account last Sunday, just for greeting.

    I’m also running a website about Beatles graphics, and I hope you could keep in touch with me.

    Thank you for your time.


  9. This might interest you and other Beatles fans:
    London artist Robert Clarke has created four striking images portraying the four members of the band. Clarke’s brash and colourful screen prints play on well known Beatle themes and depicts John, Paul, George and Ringo in concentrated graphic style with a contemporary slant. A spectacular limited edition attraction for any serious collector.

    Clarke’s limited edition screen prints are at The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea from 20th – 23rd October.

    Half price entry to Affordable Art Fair:

    Robert Clarke’s website:

    ArtsHouse website (Clarke’s gallery):


  10. Very intresting site. I have a question about a variation of Sgt. Pepper that I own. It was a Christmas gift in 69 or 70. It is on the rainbow label, but what makes this unusual is that during Good Morning, Good Morning one of the channels literally disappears for about a minute (i don’t remember which, it’s been years since I’ve heard it) I played it for my college roommate in the mid 80’s who was a sound engineer that had worn out at least 4 copies of Pepper and had never heard anything like it before. Any ideas?


    • Hi Gordon, well that does sound unusual. I’ve not heard of that before. Perhaps someone else might have further information? Please feel free if you are reading this and know about some pressing variations of the US “Sgt Pepper” – let us all know.


  11. I’ve got 2 Russian Beatles albums. Do they have any value? Quite good condition. If they do, I might sell them to some collector. I’m from Finland, and bought them in Perestroika time somewhere in Leningrad. (St.Petersburg)


  12. Just love your blog … I’ll come back to see the news! We are beatlesfans and -collectors from Belgium. You can have a look at out collection at http://www.berresbeatlescollection.be or at my facebookpage janien colans …. and if you ever are in the neighbourhood just give a jell and we’ll have a nice beatleschat with some belian chocolate and a belgian beer (lol) … greetz from Antwerp in Belgium from janien and berre


  13. Greetings Beatles Blogger! I hope this finds you well.

    I thought you might be interested in my book, Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth which establishes the many connections between The Beatles and the English coastal town of Bournemouth… including the house John bought for his aunt Mimi nearby in 1965 where she lived until her death in 1991.

    The book features some 200 rare and previously unpublished photos
    and there’s a wonderful photo of John with baby Julian and Aunt Mimi by the ferry near Mimi’s house in 1967 – as well as photos from inside Mimi’s house including John’s gold discs.

    More about the book can be found on the blog

    And the book can be ordered from the publisher’s website

    A splendid time is guaranteed for all….


  14. Hey, thanks for the compliment. It has been a real labour of love focussing on one tiny backwater of Fabs’ history, but there are some great photos. If you have space for a review and it’s of interest I could get a digital copy to you through Dropbox. I’d need a personal email though.
    Just let me know.


    • Hi Nick,

      Thanks. I’d be happy to do a longer review and post on the Beatlesblogger site. I have a Dropbox account. Not sure how this works though for people wanting to put content into it.
      Let me know what I have to do.



    • i am 16 and a huge McCartney fan and i didn’t get the chance to see Paul live in Nashville so lets try to do erheytving to get Paul back in Nashville so those who didn’t get the chance the first time to see the concert gets to see his greatness the next time around


  15. Hi Beatlesblogger,

    Thought you might be interested in a 45 I have dating back to 1969. It is the Don’t let me down / Get Back single, however the Get Back side is actually labelled as Mary Hopkin’s Goodbye.
    Are you aware of this single or know just how rare it is?

    I’ve done a bit of searching on the net and not managed to find any reference to this single with the labelling error.

    For info: the reference number on the single is 7xce21296-1u.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Kind regards



    • Hi Eric, Thanks for getting in touch. I think you have a real rarity there. Misprinted labels and mistakes in the printing and production process are a specialty area of collecting and a lot of people will pay good money for unusual items like the one you have. I hadn’t heard of it before but it is unusual and I’d say a bit of a collectors item.


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  18. I came across this blog searching on the net for some information from the departure date of the new Archive Collection of Paul McCartney, RAM or Venus and Mars, and was pleasantly surprised to read many post about The Beatles here. I’m from Venezuela and a collector of vinyl records of The Beatles first issues. Over the years I have acquired a large collection of UK and USA first issues also John, Paul, george and Ringo and everything related to them, I wish could share pictures or videos of this on this Beatle blog. Of course I did not hesitate to subscribe to the moment I’ve read a couple of his stories. Greetings!

    Shekespeare Cubillan


  19. Hi there.

    I’m founder of http://www.walkedthru.com – which is actually a blog community. We’re currently recruiting bloggers, of all subjects and professions to contribute.

    I think your blog is a fantastic example of what we are looking for – it is fun, specific, informative, and well written, with great imagery.

    So with that I would love to invite you to visit our community, and to ask you if you would like us to list your blog under WalkedThru Beatles perhaps?

    Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly


  20. Hello there, Beatles Blogger! Jude Southerland Kessler here. I was doing some research on Robert Freeman and The Beatles and came upon your wonderful site. Thanks for all you do!

    I’ve been working for the last 26 years on The Lennon Series, a 9-volume expanded biography of John’s life. The first volume, Shoulda Been There, (covering 1940-Dec.1961) came out about 4 years ago. And the second volume, Shivering Inside (covering Dec. 1961-mid-April 1963) came out in 2010. Right now, I’m working on the third book, She Loves You (mid-April 1963 – end of 1965) now. All total, the series will take 46 years of research and writing to complete.

    If you have a moment, I’d be honored if you’d check out the website at http:///www.johnlennonseries.com. And thank you for helping me with my research! I’ll be sure to include you in the acknowledgments for She Loves You.
    All the Best!


  21. Hi there,
    I’ve got a couple of Promotional records (stamped: Capitol Records Inc. Promotional Use Only).
    Most of them sealed, with the top-hand corner of the cellophane removed in order to place the stamp.
    Does anyone have any idea about the worth of these vinyls?


    • Compare to The Beatles with garbage like Nsync is sacrilege. There is much difference between these two bands. The Beatles were talented people who wrote their songs and could play their instruments very well, however these mediocre Nsync was a lab product with people without any talent who enjoyed an overrated generated by the Internet and MTV, and you have the gall to suggest that they were the Nsync of his time? that makes no sense.


  22. Hi there! Thanks for the wonderful info about The John Lennon Series on your site. I truly appreciate it. We just released a Sneak Preview of Vol. 3, She Loves You, on Kindle. If you’d like a copy, I’d be happy to send it to you. Keep up the wonderful work of keeping our lads in the public eye. As we used to say in junior high, Beatles4Ever! hugs,Jude Kessler


  23. Hi from a fellow Beatles fan, I’m glad I found your site!
    I am having a Beatles Blog Carnival on the first Monday of each month with the first edition coming out this Sept. 3rd. I will be doing reviews of Beatles related blogs and will be including your site: BeatlesBlogger in my first edition. The first 25 people to subscribe will win a free Beatles memorabilia item!


  24. Wonderful site! Even when collecting ( must have EVERYTHING ) impulse has passed, it’s great to pick and choose the new stuff and to read about the old! I haven’t pulled the trigger on the vinyl box yet, so 2 questions; how’s the book? And I keep seeing an Apple records poster that is apparently from the abbey road remaster, any info on these?


    • Hi and thanks for your comments about the site. Glad you enjoy it. Regarding the book on the new box set I haven’t opened it yet! Can’t bring myself to break the plastic wrap…sad I know. But I can tell you it is HEAVY. Weighs a ton and from what I have read it is a very high quality product with no expense spared on the paper, quality photo reproductions, and a lot of rarely seen images. As for the poster in the Abbey Road LP I think you may be getting this confused with a ltd ed box that came out in 2009 with the album, a t-shirt and poster? I don’t think the current album has a poster included. First I’ve heard of it if it has. Hope that helps.

      Sent from my iPhone


  25. Hi
    I love your site. I am quite new to collecting Beatles on vinyl although I have all the albums with just a few Aussie variants. I do have all their music in various formats though. Thats how I came across your site as I was looking to date the various EMI labels. I must confess I didn’t buy all of them as they were first issued although I go way way back as a fan. I went to their concert at the Sydney Stadium and I still have my ticket!!
    Dont know if you want a scan of that??

    You might be interested in this – about ten years ago or so I bought a framed poster of “Beatles 331/3 Italian Edition” “Expressions by Rolando Giambelli” This shows 26 album covers and 6 appreciated back covers of Italian Beatles issues.

    Best wishes, Neville


    • Hi Neville – good to hear from you and I’m glad you like the site. Yes – I’d be very interested to get a scan of your original Australian concert ticket. Seeing the band at the old Sydney Stadium would be an experience of a lifetime. Also, send us through a photo of your Italian LPs poster if you can too. Kind regards.


  26. Just had to say thanks for such an amazin’ blog. I don’t follow the Beatles habitually but every few months I spend way too many hours combing the web for info I’ve never seen or heard about. Your site was full of it. I had to post a link to your Beatles With Records series, which is what brought me here. Feel free to peek at Yer Doin Great on Facebook or WordPress. Cheers!


  27. Great site, lots of quality posts and info.
    A question : – I have two ORIGINAL Pressings Aussie komm gib mir deine hand / sie liebt dich and they have different label variations , surprising yes? for a short run . As well as 2 Original Aussie ORIGINAL Mono Yellow Submarine Albums with label Variations , Common for a short run ? Keep up the great site … Cheers Al


    • Sounds like some rare items indeed, lucky enough just to have 1 of each and you have two different versions! I believe that there were fewer than 1200 Mono YS. The German vocals even less! Awesome. Bob


  28. Awesome blog! I’m a fellow Beatles fan and it’s always great to see people hunting for rarities. I hope Paul McCartney will release carnival of light soon! I’m not so much of a fanatic about collecting rare Beatle releases however, but more on finding Beatlesque music.

    It’d be great if you could take a look at my article about Lennoneque Vocals http://matthewbowler.co.uk/lennonesque/


  29. Hey Beatles Fans! Similar to another comment, I have an apparently rare “Expressions” poster by Rolando Giambelli but this one is a collection of Beatles’ 45rpm. I almost just gave it away for free on craigslist and then was wondering why I had a million responses to a free poster ad. I’ll send a picture if anyone is interested in seeing it!


  30. Hello, I’ve just found this website and was wondering if the latest reply (by Nate) got any replies, I’ve also got an expressions poster by Rolando Giambelli, with the beatles singles on and altthough I’m not looking to sell it, it would be nice to know if it had any value or was rare and such like
    Cheers though!


  31. Wonderful work you’ve done here, i hope you are ok and will continue. I am a radio producer / presenter and i have done countless shows for the fab four as i believe they were the greatest cultural revolution for the 2oth century. Thanks for being there.


  32. Hey BB

    Just wanted to let you know about Beatles release oddity that had escaped my attention until just the other week. I did a quick search of your site, and I couldn’t find any reference to it, so I hope I’m not telling you something you already know. Despite the 1987 standardisation of UK Beatles releases on CD, the US CD release of Rubber Soul has the original US cover artwork, i.e. the goldish-brown ‘Rubber Soul’ title instead of the UK’s orange, and a Capitol logo in the top right corner. Parlophone logos are everywhere else inside. I picked one up on eBay in great condition, complete with “longbox” (as was de rigueur in the early days of CDs in the US). You may be interested in doing the same?

    Keep up the great work,

    Michael (occasional commenter)

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Hi.
    I always wondered about John and Paul’s collaboration pact.
    I know both names were on their work. But I’m sure some of them were written independently.
    And Lennon honored their pact long after the Beatles.
    I always thought it would be nice to know which one wrote what.
    It’s something only they would know. But as I’ve gotten older. I kind of think it’s:
    better to not know.
    I was born on October 9th.


  34. Australian Collector

    Is anyone in Australia having emense problems using Aust Post Forwarding located in U.S.?

    Amazon usa to aust post usa to aust post australia to me .

    Anyone having problems with McCartney official website with placing orders , taking money , losing orders etc etc

    Especially saying that orange and blue Egypt Staton being available but not ?


    W Nala


    • Can anyone in Australia expand on where they get Beatles and Solo releases ?

      Please dont tell me go to Amazon Australia or your local retailer.

      Even with buying overseas and the added GST to enter and with sometimes extra for customs , its still cheaper than buying locally.

      Too mych greed there and selective items available anyway.

      Many Thanks



      • Hi, I agree!

        Since the Australian government introduced collecting a Goods and Services Tax (GST) here on all purchases from overseas, the number of places we can buy CDs and LPs at reasonable prices (even when postage and packaging is factored in) has really dried up.

        Quite a few companies now say they can’t/won’t ship to Australia at all. It is so frustrating as local prices here – even if you can find the item you want – are a rip-off. The recent McCartney Egypt Station coloured vinyl deluxe double LP was A$100 from Universal Music here…..


    • Hi Stefan, I’m not sure of all the exact bookshops that these limited editions are available. You will just have to hunt around the web – they seem to have mostly gone out to bookstores in the USA and the UK. Many shops are not offering them for sale. They are auctioning them off to the highest bidder or using them as a competition prize for anyone who buys the book. For example, I purchased my regular edition book from a store here in Australia called Dymocks and they have a competition to win a Limited Edition copy (fingers crossed!). Cheers!


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