Beatles With Records – Part Twenty One

When we started way back with Part One of the Beatles With Records series it was based on the premise that (quote): “Despite selling multi, multi-millions of the things, it’s kind of strange that you hardly ever see photographs of the Beatles themselves … Continue reading

The Beatles With Records – Part Twenty

OK, to kick off Part 20 in our series a couple of photographs of the Beatles with records which are going to be tough to solve. Here Paul is standing in front of a display. The thing is these record … Continue reading

Beatles with Records – Part Eighteen

Our friend Lammert Mulder, who has contributed in the past to solving some other Beatles with Records mysteries, has come up with a wide range of new photos and information. First up is a photograph of George Harrison at home … Continue reading

Beatles with Records – Part Seventeen

First up we have another answer to the questions posed in The Beatles with Records Fifteen and The Beatles with Records Sixteen. We got that Paul was carrying a copy of  Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um: The Best of … Continue reading

Beatles With Records – Part Sixteen

We’ve had some great feedback from the Beatles With Records – Part Fifteen. Firstly, David wrote to correctly identify the record that you can see Paul holding in these two photographs below when the band arrived back in the UK … Continue reading

Beatles with Records – Part Fifteen

Masses of photos sent in recently – especially from Andrey in Russia. This series is about finding photographs of the Beatles actually holding the product they sold  so prolifically – either their own records or those of other artists. We … Continue reading

Beatles with Records – Part Fourteen

Since the last instalment we’ve been swamped with some great content – enough for at least two or three more posts featuring the Beatles (or people close to them) photographed or filmed with records or CDs – either their own … Continue reading

Beatles with Records – Part Thirteen

In Part Twelve in our series The Beatles With Records I couldn’t identify what disc a young Julian Lennon was holding in this photograph kindly sent in by reader Ariel Caceres: Well, thanks to Beatles Blog reader Thomas McConnell, who incidentally … Continue reading

Beatles With Records – Part Twelve

A few people have sent in some more images of the Beatles either as a band or as solo artists being photographed with those things they sold so many of – records and CDs. This first one, from Beatles Blog reader … Continue reading