Label Variations – Part Two – Let It Be

Late last year I posted a couple of label variations from my collection of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl LP’s. That page has been getting a few hits, so here is another selection – this time for Let … Continue reading

Label Variations – Part One – Sgt. Pepper

For some reason today I started to think about all the different label variations there must be of Beatles LP and single vinyl discs – released over time and from a wide range of countries around the world. Different countries … Continue reading

“Kisses on the Bottom” – The Variations

Time to take a run through the different versions of “Kisses on the Bottom”, Paul McCartney’s new album. It’s been released in physical form as a standard CD, a deluxe CD, a deluxe CD with bonus tracks (more on this … Continue reading

McCartney and McCartney II – Labels

For those of us who love record labels – spotting and collecting different variations – with yesterday’s reissue of the two McCartney solo “debuts” the lovely Chained and Perfumed blog site has posted some interesting varieties of “McCartney” and “McCartney … Continue reading

Twin Freaks – Variations and Limited Releases

“Those of you who were there for the European Tour will have heard our DJ, Freelance Hellraiser, cooking up some mixes before we came on and people have been enquiring about these mixes ever since. Well the good news is … Continue reading

All Things Must Pass – Variations and Collectors Items

In November it will be 40 years since George Harrison released his masterpiece, “All Things Must Pass”. It was the first triple LP ever released by a solo artist. Harrison had so many songs – many of them stored up … Continue reading

Beatles “Love” – Lots of Collectable Variations

At the Beatles own official website there’s a lot of info about “Love” their 2006 album, which is not only the soundtrack to the Cirque du Soleil performance show celebrating the Beatles music, but also a controversial departure for the … Continue reading

Another Variation of McCartney’s Choba b CCCP

Another variation of Paul McCartney’s Russian album Снова в СССР has come into the collection. I found another version on Ebay which I didn’t have. It was listed by an Australian seller (so postage was relatively safe, fast and cheap). It … Continue reading

Two Small But Unusual Garage Sale Finds

There are times at garage or yard sales when you are on the hunt for Beatles vinyl that the pickings can be pretty slim. This was the case last weekend. After visiting quite a few, and with the prospect of … Continue reading

An Overview of Australian Beatles Records – Revised and Expanded

Anyone who collects Australian Beatles records seriously must have a copy of this newly-revised book – which came out just this week. Jaesen Jones is an Australian collector who has produced what must be the most comprehensive reference on all the … Continue reading