Sgt. Pepper – Japanese 50th Anniversary Re-issue Extras

Got to admit, this is pretty cool and tempting:

In Japan, as they usually do, the forthcoming deluxe box set edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, will come with some neat additional extras – including a cut-out diorama of the classic cover image. Here’s what the diorama will look like when constructed:

As you can see on the advertising flyer above “assembly takes 2-3 hours (so you can enjoy the Sgt. Pepper album 3-5 times!)”. There’ll also be two mini gift cards, and this A2-sized poster included as a “first pressing bonus”:

Finally, the CD’s inside will be in the high-fidelity SHM-CD format – something audiophiles believe gives higher quality sound than just the usual CD pressing. This is also exclusive to the Japan edition of Sgt. Pepper’s.

11 thoughts on “Sgt. Pepper – Japanese 50th Anniversary Re-issue Extras

  1. Jesgear as you can tell it’s very expensive there are 2 places you can checkout i understand they should play in a normal cd player? Go to Cd Japan or HMV Japan as i have been shopping @ both places.

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  2. Total cost is 162 US Dollars then you add postage it looks quite good, but 2 things as it’s shm-cd the sound quality is excellent will it play in normal cd players? And number 2 will the bluray play in your system? I would imagine it’s not zone free? Do a bit of homework first there would be nothing worse if the bd is not compatible, as Japan and the US are different zones


  3. I received mine within 3 days from Amazon Japan. With shipping it was like $ 153.00 USD. Amazing. I usually buy from CDJapan but would have been over $ 220 with shipping. By the way Japan and the US are in the same regions for Blue ray only, it doesn’t matter because the BCD and DVD are region free. Yes shm-cd play on an CD players anywhere. I can’t really tell the difference however sound-wise.


  4. Laszlo great news wasn’t sure if the bluray was region free gr8 stuff well done! this will crack you up too, i actually didn’t think it would happen in my time, i have just recently returned from Japan 11 days out of this world, as i am i guess like a number of people, i am a music junkie & before we left for Japan i did a little homework as we were spending 3 days in Tokyo i wonder if i can find Tower Records! Lo & behold there it was in the distance the worlds biggest music store!! Spent 3 hours in the store not long enough! 9 flights of stairs but 2 under repair! It was massive and another surprise
    HMV Japan just around the corner Lasxlo i must admit i do buy from Japan either CD Japan or HMV Japan my their packaging is amazing, my next 2 from Japan are Bad Company Run With The Pack & Burnin’Sky LM good stuff


  5. OMG Peter, that is awesome. The last (and only time) I visited Tokyo was 2000. I did the same thing, LOL. I hit Tower, HMV and Virgin Megastore in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Heaven! I sent a whole day at those stores shopping. I’m a such a sucker for Japanese pressed records and cds. I watched the documentary “All things must pass” and admit I teared up seeing Tower Records being well and alive in Tokyo. Hopefully one day I will go back. 🙂


    • Well gr8 stuff Sgt Pepper’s box set has arrived it’s going to take ages to get through but gee is it worth it looking forward to it immensely Laszlo as you say Japan was out of this world every day was amazing Osaka my fave Hiroshima talk about a tear or two and going to the museum & there was a open book in which you could sign your name & make a comment i took a couple of photos
      1,600! and 48 videos on the bullet train, rather than sit down for two hours why not hang around the end of the carriage and take videos while the train is moving! There is a rumour only, could Taiwan South Korea & Japan next year, i will be going back for sure so i can spend more time @
      Tower Records all day!


  6. I received my Sgt. Pepper Japanese package – included was a multi-page document that appeared to contain comments on the recordings, but it is in Japanese! Any idea how I can get an English version of this?


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