Beatle Podcast – Beatles City

We’ve only just become aware of a pretty decent and worthwhile Beatle podcast called Beatles City.

This one definitely sits more under the “History” genre subtitle than it does “Music” – so maybe that’s why it’s eluded us so far. But it’s great and well worth a listen!

Esquire magazine recently included Beatles City in their “93 Best Podcasts of 2020” list:

It’s the 50th anniversary of the band’s poisonous break-up, but this project from the Liverpool Echo digs back into the very early years of the Beatles. Everyone in Liverpool has a Beatles story in their family, whether it’s nana seeing them at the Cavern on her lunch hour or your dad’s mate’s uncle’s mate who swears blind he sold George Harrison a Ford Cortina in 1963. This project from the Liverpool Echo tries to record them all before they fall out of living memory – take Helen Anderson, for instance, a contemporary of John Lennon at Liverpool College of Art. She made clothes for Lennon from sketches he gave her, and sat in on his early rehearsals at the college with Paul and George.

Beatles City is co-hosted and curated by Ellen Kirwin and Laura Davis and is funded by the Liverpool Echo newspaper. The podcast is an effort to document, in audio form, the early history of that city’s most famous sons – and as much as possible through the eyes of the local people who were there at the time, watching this band form and take on the world.

Now in it’s fourth series, the podcast has some extraordinary eye-witness accounts from names we know like Pete Best and Freda Kelly, through to the more obscure (but none-the-less interesting) aquaintances and bit-players in the larger story.

Check out the trailer for Series 1:

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