McCartney Royal Mail Stamp Issue

From the Liverpool Echo:

Paul McCartney will be honoured in a new set of Royal Mail Special Stamps dedicated to his incredible musical career.

The set of 12 stamps is being issued to celebrate one of the UK’s most successful songwriters and a music icon.

McCartney, who founded Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), joins just three other individual music artists to be featured in a dedicated stamp issue.

The other two artists were David Bowie in 2017, and Elton John in 2019. 

David Gold of the Royal Mail said: “Paul McCartney remains a vital figure at the centre of rock and pop – an artist whose legacy is immense, but whose work continues to generate popular attention and critical acclaim.

“This dedicated stamp issue is a fitting tribute to one of the UK’s much loved and revered musical icons.”

From what we can tell from the accompanying images it looks like there’ll be eight individual coloured stamps featuring album covers (from McCartney in 1970 right up to McCartney III last year), plus four black and white performance shots on a separate single sheet.

If the Royal Mail Beatle stamp issue from 2007 is anything to go by, these McCartney stamps will be presented in a variety of collectable forms, with limited edition printed folders containing additional images, text and graphics. And of course there’ll be First Day Covers of varying kinds, post marked and date-stamped in different locations around Britain.

Macca fans can get their hands on the sought-after stamps and special sets from May 28.

See also John Lennon’s 2018 US Postal stamps.

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