Hear and See McCartney’s “Blue Sway”

One of the previously unreleased songs from the “McCartney II” sessions that will feature on the forthcoming re-issue of the album has popped up on YouTube.

Its an unlikely pairing between Paul McCartney and a US surf film-maker of some renown named Jack McCoy. McCartney’s smooth and stylish song “Blue Sway” accompanies an intriguing video clip of McCoy’s innovative underwater photography, utilising a camera attached to a jet ski. Have a look and listen for yourself – the way the images and music mesh is quite unique and compelling:

The song is credited on the reissue CD as “Blue Sway (With Richard Niles Orchestration)”.

The text accompanying the clip says:

“Written nearly 20 years ago, McCartney’s never-before released song, “Blue Sway,” is available for the first time on the bonus audio disc of the special edition of “McCartney II”. The music video created by McCoy is also featured on the bonus DVD included in the set.

Using a high powered underwater jet ski, the filmmaker found that he was able to travel behind a wave, creating underwater images that have never been seen before.

Over the past couple of years, McCoy set out to capture footage for his surf film, “A Deeper Shade of Blue“. During the editing process, McCoy put one of his surfing sequences to a song off McCartney’s “The Fireman” album. A mutual friend, Chris Thomas, saw the footage while visiting McCoy in Australia, and when he returned to the UK he gave McCartney a copy of the sequence.

“Paul was pretty stoked with what I’d created. He immediately thought my images might be suitable to go with his unreleased song “Blue Sway”.” said McCoy.

McCoy spent the next six weeks creating the music video, while also working full days on making “A Deeper Shade of Blue”. McCoy compiled and edited footage that he filmed off Tahiti’s Teahupoo reef to create what became the “Blue Sway” video.

“When I saw Jack McCoy’s underwater surfing footage put to the soundtrack of “Blue Sway” I was blown away,” said McCartney.

“Blue Sway” won ‘Best Music Video’ at NYC BE FILM Short Festival this past May, and the video will be featured as part of Surfrider Foundation’s summer PSA campaign. Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

The film clip is dedicated to Linda McCartney.

There is also a “Making of Blue Sway” video clip:

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