Buy George Harrison’s ‘Rocky’ Fender Guitar

Fender Guitars has a custom shop that replicates some of their old and most famous models exactly.

One of their latest projects is George Harrison’s legendary hand-painted Fender Stratocaster called ‘Rocky’:

The original ‘Rocky’ was a pale blue 1961 Strat that, sometime in 1967, was creatively decorated by George using dayglo poster paints and nail polish.

You can find out more about ‘Rocky’ here.

Can’t see any prices mentioned on the Fender website, but I guess if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it!

This replica certainly looks amazing, and because it is strictly limited it is a guitar that will definitely be an investment as it will only go up in value. And it is a beautiful work of art to boot.

Back in January Fender displayed a couple of early versions of these replicas as a teaser. They are now for sale. Turns out there are just 100 available……

1 thought on “Buy George Harrison’s ‘Rocky’ Fender Guitar

  1. if you sniff around on (the musical instrument marketplace site), you’ll find the going rate is $25,000 USD.

    I’m not entirely sure about the “going up in value”, as these sorts of highly “relic’d” / customised guitars have a very specific audience that are sufficiently cashed up enough to pay for them – and they’re an audience that is rapidly dying off.

    A few years back Gibson released a similarly limited edition of George’s “Lucy” red Les Paul (see the Revolution video, and the first half of the Let it Be film) as part of the Eric Clapton Crossroads charity program. It sold for $20K USD on pre-order, and there were people who picked up two – one to keep and one to sell – that later found that the secondhand market was closer to $12K-$15K (which is where I picked mine up).


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