Some Original Let It Be Lobby Cards

To celebrate the release this week of the Disney+/Peter Jackson marathon re-cut of the original Let It Be footage, here are some of the movie theatre lobby cards (and a poster) from the 1970 movie-length version, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg:

1 thought on “Some Original Let It Be Lobby Cards

  1. Probably an opportune time to point out that there are two retailer-exclusive versions of the ‘Get Back’ book available in the US, each with an envelope of images attached to the inside back cover. The first of these is from Target, which contains reproductions of 4 Let It Be lobby cards (3 of the ones shown in this post; the Paul one is a different image). The second, a Costco exclusive, has prints of 4 images taken by Ethan Russell. Neither are available at their Australian subsidiaries/namesakes, but ebay (at time of writing) provides the opportunity to reward both Apple and enterprising US residents with some more of your hard-earned should you feel the urge.

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