Australian-Only Magical Mystery Tour

You might be more familiar with this cover:

But in Australia, the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” LP first came out as a 12-inch on the World Record Club (WRC) label – and it had a very different cover:

Here is the rear cover, also a real departure from the US release:

This WRC record (catalogue number S-4574) was issued in 1970. The World Record Club was EMI’s mail order division, making the purchase of music recordings possible to people who lived in remote areas and to music buffs who subscribed to the club for regular releases posted direct to their homes. The company had the rights to sell a wide range of recordings (including popular, jazz and classical titles) from around the world – often issued with unique and artistic individual covers.

This Australian edition of MMT came with the expanded front-cover title “The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour and Other Splendid Hits”. The rear cover went into even more detail: “The Beatles in Songs and Music from the Color Television Film called “Magical Mystery Tour”.  The image used on the front cover was taken from page 10 of the 24 page booklet (plus a 4 page lyric sheet) in the centre of the original 7″ EP version from 1967.

There were two different types of WRC labels as well. The initial pressings came with this light-green “S” label:

Later pressings came with a green “Trumpeter” on a light-blue label:

The terrifically detailed Beatles Australia Album Labelography site has much more information on this and other unique Australian releases.

In Australia we also got local pressings of the original double 7″ EP 45rpm, six-song “Magical Mystery Tour” set which would be familiar to British collectors:

This is the mono version above (denoted by the catalogue number MMT-1 at the bottom left-hand side). It also came out in stereo in Australia and both were released in 1967. These EP’s were on the black and silver Parlophone label:

UPDATE:  You might also be interested in this post.

6 thoughts on “Australian-Only Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Hi there,NZ also released this version of the MMT LP; firstly on the Apple labe through HMV, and then through the WRC (with 3 different label variations)


    • Hi Ross – yes, I think I read about the NZ pressings of MMT but was unclear about the sequence of releases. Thanks for the information on it. I did buy an NZ copy of the WRC release once on Ebay – but it got lost in the post and never arrived…..


  2. Just picked up an absolute mint copy of this today on the “S” label. I’d never seen it before and quietly took it to the counter before someone shouted out “$10 surely this man is a thief”.
    Just given it a light wipe and am about to stick it on the turntable and give it a blast 🙂


  3. My older brother offered me his copy of the World Record Club’s ‘Magical Mystery Tour and Other Splendid Hits.’ It also had the light green ‘S’ label. I didn’t take it, but I think I should have …


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