Beatles Picture Disc 45

When I purchased this boxed set the guy selling the set to me threw in this UK-manufactured Beatles picture disc 45rpm single for free:

It’s got the catalogue number RP 5160, and from what I can tell from these sites it is part of a set of 22 UK picture discs released over a number of years (1982-1985), (1985-1987), and (1988-1990).  EMI/Parlophone issued one disc on the anniversary of each singles’ release. In other words, it would have taken quite a while to collect all 22!

If anyone else has any information about this series please let me know.

I’m now scared I’m on a whole new collecting journey….(see the other three I now have here and here).

Thanks to Dave Dermon for the images of the entire set.

7 thoughts on “Beatles Picture Disc 45

  1. Well, I got a few of these (PPM, WCWIO, Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude) 45s. I tried to get a disc per month in the early 90s. I show the Hey Jude/Revolution single to my friend, he shows me the long-play picture disc version of the same single! So yeah, I believe there are two vinyl formats of the picture disc singles. It does get worse when you have to add the cd singles, the cas-singles (cassette format), etc. Though I got to admit, you gotta love them picture discs! Love your blog btw.


    • Thanks for that info and your comments. The world of collecting is almost infinite – you’ve got numerous roads you can go down and it a challenge when you discover something interesting and good to have in the collection – like the 45rpm picture discs.


  2. I have a Beatles 45 picture disc…that I purchased myself shortly after the Beatles came to the U.S. It has never been played…does anyone know it’s value?
    pr 4949 A & B…Love Me Do… and P.S. I Love You.


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