“Maybe I’m Amazed” Cover Winner Announced

A little while back I posted on a competition being run on the Paul McCartney official site calling on fans to submit their own YouTube versions of the classic “Maybe I’m Amazed” from the “McCartney” album, Paul’s first solo effort from 1970.

Today they have announced the winner:

“The Winner of the ‘Maybe I’m Amazed Covers’ Competition is ‘Troubleclief’ who with his beautiful classical guitar version of the song, received a remarkable 1492 likes for his video.

We were all astounded at the quality of all of the entries but felt that ‘Troubleclief’s’ entry stood out from the rest in the way that he made the song his own and yet retained the essence of the original. We would like to give a a huge congratulations to ‘Troubleclief’ for capturing our attention and winning the competition.”

Pretty nice playing. View the second place video by clicking here (seriously? Can’t say it does it for me…), and third place by clicking here.  Seems the McCartney people really like solo guitar if these three versions are anything to go by….

I still like the rendition by a singer named Katrice Gavino.

To watch all the videos click here.

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