Another Two Beatles Picture Discs

Last year I was able to get two Beatles vinyl picture disc 45 rpm records. One was “A Hard Day’s Night“, the other “Please Please Me“.

Another two discs have just come into the collection – thanks to reasonable prices on Ebay. They are “Love Me Do”:

And “From Me To You”:

These are both from the 22 picture disc series released by EMI/Parlophone in the UK on the anniversary of each singles’ release. Each disc was released on the 20th anniversary of that single reaching the number one spot on the charts. You can see the rest of the UK picture disc set here (1982-1985), here (1985-1987), and here (1988-1990) – with thanks to Dave Dermon for the links.

So, now I have four. There’s only eighteen to go….

10 thoughts on “Another Two Beatles Picture Discs

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  3. You’re right about the origins of these discs. All UK releases from the 1980s, as part of the lengthy 20th anniversary re-release project. All the UK singles appeared in sequence over the years, all in brand new picture sleeves, and all were issued as picture discs as well, including these ones.

    “Love Me Do” was the first (of course) and along with the standard 7-inch and picture disc it also appeared in a black vinyl 12-inch edition, which included both versions of “Love Me Do”.

    “Hey Jude” was the other one of note – it came as a standard single and 7-inch picture disc. It also came as a 12-inch picture disc, which had a card insert with a large reproduction of either side of the apple label logo on it – a nice thing to have on its own!

    By the way, I don’t think these came out on the anniversary of their reaching number 1 (and anyway, not all of them did). It was as close to the anniversary of the original release as they could get, bearing in mind the days of the week they fell on.


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  5. You are quite right they came out as close as possible to the original release date 20 year previously. The last 6 re-issues – Lady Madonna to Let It Be – all had a piece of card in them and the one in the last four had the list of the 22 singles, the original release date and the 20th anniversary release date. In the other two one had an advert for the Past Masters releases and the other just a picture of a larger Apple! I bought them as they came out and have never played them!!


    • Hi and thanks for that additional information. I have seen photos of those later releases with the card inserts and wondered with which singles they started doing this. The earlier releases don’t have them and just come in a plain plastic sleeve. I wish I’d purchased these as they came out! I just have to bide my time now and seek out reasonably priced examples when they appear…..


      • Hi – these should always come in clear plastic sleeves. That’s the way the were originally released, and so collectors will be looking for that authenticity. The range of prices tends to vary from disc to disc. Some are quite cheap because there were more of them released onto the market (especially the first three or four). Then they steadily get more costly because they literally are harder to find.


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