Beatles Across the World – Book and Prints

Stumbled across a cheap but only just-released book this week. Penned by a writer named John Stanley, it’s called The Beatles Across the World. Here are the front and rear covers:Beatles Across the World5Beatles Across the World4

The Beatles Across the World just 64 pages (it’s no Lewisohn Tune In, which runs to 946 pages!), and has clearly been released to capitalise on the 50th anniversary of the group’s appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in the US – and the Beatle-mania which subsequently erupted across that country.

This publication is interesting though. It comes in a carboard folder which opens to reveal two pouches inside, one to hold the book on one side:Beatles Across the World

Plus on the other side another pouch which hold six 8×10 black and white Beatle prints:Beatles Across the World1

Here’s the front cover of the folder:Beatles Across the World3Go to the publishers website (Park Lane Books) to find out more, or click here for the Australian distributor, Herron Books.

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