Hear the Beatles Tell All – British Charly Records Re-Issue

With the Beatles 50th anniversary of the arrival in the US now well under way, it was intriguing to come across a re-issued example of one of the earliest efforts to cash in on that US success.

Hear the Beatles Tell All was an interview disc which consisted of two lengthy conversations between the Beatles and Los Angeles radio disc jockeys. On Side One Dave Hull interviews John Lennon, while Side Two was titled “Jim Steck interviews John, Paul, George, Ringo”. No Beatles music was included on this interview album, rather a quite odd but jazzy percussion backing edited and scored by Lou Adler, and played by then top LA session drummer named Hal Blaine.

Originally released in September, 1964 on the Vee-Jay Records label, what we have here is a 1981 re-issue by the British record label Charly Records:IMG_9948IMG_9949IMG_9950

Charly Records have faithfully reproduced the cover. If you have the original Vee-Jay release the label will look like this:HearTheBeatlesTellAlllabel

But if it is a fake, you might have this:HearTheBeatlesTellAllfakelabel

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