A Hard Day’s Night Already Available At US iTunes Store

The new 4K digital restoration on BluRay and DVD of the Beatles film  A Hard Day’s Night, approved by director Richard Lester and with 5.1 surround mix supervised by Giles Martin at Abbey Road Studios, is not officially out in the US until June 24.

And it’ll be July 21 until you can buy it on disc in the UK….

But AHDN is already up and available to buy or rent right now at the US iTunes store (click on image to see full size):HDN iTunes US Store

The key part of the page is here. All you need is a US iTunes account:

HDN iTunes US StoreInterestingly when the film is released in hard copy it will have different covers for the US and European markets. It will also have different special features included for each version too – see Wog Blogs post on this here.

US A Hard Day's NightUK 2014 Hard Days Night

If the image quality seen in the official trailer is anything to go by this newly restored version will be well worth getting:


4 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Night Already Available At US iTunes Store

  1. Are you sure this is the new edition? The price is WAAAAAY more for pre-ord4r over at Amazon and they have the what will be new cover art shown there. Sometime tells me this one here is the 2001 or was it 2002 or 03 release. The price is WAAAAY to low – this is going to be pricy – there’s a ton of hype over it and none of the reps at iTunes tell me this is the new version – they agree they don’t have it yet.


  2. What I was told when I got through to a live rep was they don’t have the new version despite what it says in the description about the new version approved by Lester and the sound – they checked and the product number is exactly the same as they have had in the past. A supervisor got on with me and said possibly the site is in error or they are working on updating it with a re-direct to what they will be offering soon.


  3. Got a call back from the supervisor of the supervisor I spoke to and that person told me this is in error – apologized – they legally cannot offer it for ship or view until the dates that have been quoted for months now – there is in the US (and I guess UK/Eu as well) the premier in movie theaters that is going to come 4th of July and NO ONE can sell or rent this before then or they would be sued. I was again told the option now is for the older version only and there will be corrections ongoing to the iTunes offering for the new 2014 version. She wanted to know if I had bought it already because she was going to do a refund – so please post a new retract so no one does buy it on your info off iTunes –


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