Strange/Unusual Find of the Month

It’s not every day that you walk into your local second-hand record store and find an almost mint copy of The Beatles’ 1967 EP Magical Mystery Tour, but that’s what happened last week.

Dropped into Audiomania in the Sydney suburb of Manly Vale and as we were quietly browsing the LP section we looked up to a shelf just near the “New Arrivals” bin, and this is what we spied:

This is a UK pressing, and we’re pretty sure it is an original from 1967, making it just over 50 years old. For it’s age this example is in exceptionally good condition, both the laminated gatefold sleeve, and the two EP records it contains.

This is the mono UK pressing. You can tell that from the catalogue number MMT-1 which is printed on the upper right of rear cover (and of course the word MONO is also there!). Stereo pressings have an SMMT catalogue number:

The labels also carry the MMT catalogue number. As you can see below this pressing came with a solid centre. There are also examples with a push-out centre. The labels have the “Sold in the U.K. subject to resale price conditions…” text:

Don’t know if you can see it, but the Side 1 label (on either side of the spindle hole) has two raised letters, a K and a T. Not sure if this is significant, or helps identify the pressing date. We think it has something to do with a tax code for the record.

The inner 24-page booklet is also in excellent condition:

It also comes with the 4-page blue lyric sheet pages still intact in the centre. This also helps identify it as being an original pressing. The paper sleeves holding the records are white though, and have a wave-cut top. I think originally the discs may have come in black paper sleeves? If anyone knows please contact us, or leave a comment.

(As usual, click on the images to see larger versions)

So, this was too good an item to pass over. We have Australian mono and stereo pressings of the Magical Mystery Tour double EP, plus a nice French pressing (with a story attached), but a UK pressing in almost pristine condition was our find of the month.

The really sad news is that the Audiomania store will soon be no more. The owner let us know that they will be closing their doors because the site in which they operate has been purchased and its buildings demolished. All the tenants have to get out. They hope to continue online, but it’s just not the same as being there to flip through record bins of used LPs and singles in person…..

9 thoughts on “Strange/Unusual Find of the Month

  1. This is indeed an original UK copy. Unlike their singles, this EP was not repeatedly re-pressed. It was re-issued in the 1970s, and again quite recently, but this one’s definitely an original, and the blue lyric sheet proves it’s not a 70s copy (they had yellow).

    You should find the KT mark on every Beatles single of the 1960s, if you look (they can be hard to see, but will be there). It was a mandatory tax code, as you say. 25% tax payable per sale.

    Your inner sleeves look to be original. They are certainly the correct type – white, wavy-top. I don’t recall ever hearing of black ones – Apple used black inners, but this EP was a year before Apple launched. I think it’s highly unlikely.

    Nice find.


  2. Hi Terry.

    I have one of these, which was bought for me as a Christmas present in 1967. The inner sleeves are white with a wavy top. I’m pretty sure black inner sleeves weren’t used until the following year following the launch of the Apple label.

    So this almost certainly is an original 1967 pressing.


  3. Hi , being an an owner of a Beatles Non Profit Charity Magical Mystery Tour Museum in Support of Children with Cancer and Save the Children I can tell you without a doubt that this is a nice 1967 Original version, an in this condition it is getting much harder to find and in Australia even rarer. Whats even nicer is its one of several different Solid center versions as opposed to a Push out centers. The inner sleeves as already stated are the correct ones for this Version. In the UK there are over 20 different versions of the E.P. Stereo and Mono. I own around 19 U,K. Versions but I know there are a few I still don`t own yet. The Lyrics pages can come in a number of different colours ranging from White to different shades of Blue then different shades of Yellow to Orange , Mustard , Purple and Green. The rarest version I owned had Made in England at the bottom instead of Made in Gt. Britain. One could write a book just about all the different Fonts Labels ( Brown instead of just Black) and how the covers have been put together differently on these U.K. E.P s.


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