Phil Spector’s Christmas Album

Originally called “A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records” and released in 1963, this Apple Records LP reissue of the same album came out in 1972 – with different cover art and retitled “Phil Spector’s Christmas Album”:

Phil Spector's "Christmas Album on Apple (front)

Phil Spector's "Christmas Album" on Apple (rear)

Funnily enough the Apple labels  list the title differently to the sleeve, calling it “The Phil Spector Christmas Album Various”….

This is the US pressing (APPLE SW 3400).  As well as listing the artists (Darlene Love, The Ronettes, The Crystals, etc.), the small print on the rear cover has a typically kooky quote from Spector:

“Because Christmas is so international it is certainly in keeping that these youngsters should record their Christmas gift to you, for this album is produced solely with you in mind. It comes with the sincere wish that you understand and appreciate this endeavour into something new and different”. (Phil Spector 1963)

There have been numerous other reissues of this record. I also have the disc with the same artwork (with a few small variations) on the Phil Spector International label:

Spector's "Christmas Album" on the Spector International Label

Notice the words “Phil Spector’s” is in black and superimposed over the words “Christmas Album”, and the artists featured are in written in white on the photo of Phil. On the rear the Apple logo is replaced by the Phil Spector International logo:

Spector's "Christmas Album" on Spector International (rear)

This is the UK pressing (SUPER 2307 005) and the label of my copy looks like this:

Thanks to the the lovely Chained and Perfumed blog for the Christmas inspiration for this one. If you want to see another label variation (this time for the original LP) click on the link.

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