Beatles iTunes Gift Cards

Not that it needed more advertising, but the marketing and commercial push around the Beatles becoming available for digital download on Apple’s iTunes continues.

In the lead-up to Christmas I noticed these point-of-sale display bins began appearing in some of the large record store chains here in Australia:

Seems that iTunes Beatles plastic gift cards of various denominations are being made available in the US,  Canada, Britain and Australia (and probably many more countries). These cards are also available for purchase via the official Apple iTunes site, which says the “special edition” cards with Beatle images on the design can go towards any purchase in the iTunes Store, not just Beatles songs.

As you can see in the image above the gift cards are available in $25 and $50 (US and AUS) amounts, and in the US there’s a $149 gift card variant specifically to purchase the entire catalogue as a so-called “box set”.  The same has been done for Canada, while in the UK there are gift cards for £25 pounds and £50 pounds.

On the Apple site there are also two “limited edition” cards of $100 and $50 US with different Beatle images:

"Limited Edition" $50 US iTunes Beatles Gift Card

"Limited Edition" $100 US iTunes Beatles Gift Card

Now I’ve noticed that the redeemed cards (i.e. they’ve been spent and are of no monetary value) have begun turning up on Ebay for sale as “collectable” items.

What do you reckon?  Would you like to have as set of US, British, Canadian and Australian iTunes cards in your Beatles collection? Take this quick poll and lets find out what people think:


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