We have a Winner….

In my previous post we had a small competition running to win a Bruce Spizer additional booklet for “The Beatles on Capitol Records Vol.1” CD set.

The easy question was:  “Meet The Beatles!”, one of the US Capitol records included in the box set, features the same striking black and white cover photo as the British LP “With The Beatles”Who took that photograph?

Of course the answer was Robert Freeman.

Curtis from Indiana in the USA was the first to contact us with the correct entry. Well done Curtis, and your booklet will be in the post very soon. It looks like this:

Incidently, that Robert Freeman photograph used for both “With the Beatles” and “Meet The Beatles!” has a connection to this post about a new book out recently called “Yeah Yeah Yeah – The Beatles and Bournemouth”.  The Freeman shot was actually taken on 22 August, 1963 in the Palace Court Hotel in Bournemouth, England.

Thank you to all those who submitted entries.

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