A New Beatles Book – Beatles With an A: Birth of a Band

A brand new hard-back book about the Beatles arrived at Beatles Blog this week – and it came all the way from Finland. Beatles with an A-tiff

Beatles with an A: Birth of a Band is the newest creation of bestselling Finnish author and illustrator Mauri Kunnas. It’s an “unauthorised biography” in the form of a graphic novel telling the story of the band’s humble beginnings – like it’s never been seen or heard before.

The book follows the Beatles and a full cast of mates and family members as they make their way from the Casbah to the Cavern Club, from empty halls in the Highlands to the packed clubs of Hamburg, through every name and line-up change until their first Number One song (Please Please Me from 1963).

Mauri has been a fan for 50 years, and his thorough research and love for the band shines throughout the story with its amazing details, hilarious tales, and some raunchy bits, too.

You can sample seven or so pages here if you’d like, or another five slightly different pages here.

Thanks to Otava Publishing for sending this very interesting and different Beatles biography through. You can order it here. The book is produced in a high quality hardback format with good, old-fashioned production values and a dash of style. Very nice.

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