The Beatles: Tune In – US and UK Edition Comparison…and a Competition!

Part One of Mark Lewisohn’s new biography of the Beatles is now out in two separate hard cover editions – one for the United States market, and one for the UK.

So, how are they similar – and how do they differ?

Here are some photos to show you in a direct side-by-side comparison. The UK edition is 946 pages. It appears on the left. The US edition is 932 pages and it appears on the right:

Tune In Cover FrontTune In cover rearThe book spines with their dust jackets on:Tune In cover spine

And without:Tune In Cover Spine no dust cover

There’s an interesting and as-yet unexplained design element about the spines. On both dust-jackets you can see the word “All”. My guess is that Volume 2 will have the the word “These”, and Volume 3 will have the word “Years”. When they are eventually lined up on our bookshelves they will collectively read “All These Years”.

The UK edition gets fancy end papers, front and rear. The front ones show pictures of a youthful John and Paul:Tune In end papers front

The rear has George and Ringo. It is a nice additional design touch:Tune In end papers rear

The US edition has plain end papers. Here are the title pages. First, the UK edition:Tune In Title Pages UK

And the US:

Tune In Title pages US

You’ll be pleased to know that despite the design and layout differences the contents are exactly the same. Both have the same text and chapters, and both have three sections with pages of historic photographs – some of which have never been previously published.

In the UK The Beatles: All These Years Volume One: Tune In is published by Little Brown. In the Unites States the book is published by Crown Archetype.

Now, the people at Crown Archetype have kindly given Beatles Blog a US edition of the book to give away to a lucky reader. All you need to do is answer this simple question:

How old was Paul McCartney when John Lennon invited him to join his group The Quarry Men?

The first correct answer to reach beatlesblogger @ gmail . com will win a US copy of Mark Lewisohn’s book – kindly provided by publishers Crown Archetype.

8 thoughts on “The Beatles: Tune In – US and UK Edition Comparison…and a Competition!

  1. The U.S. spine looks better, but neither cover stands out at all imo. I can’t wait to get my copy of the extended edition though, cover aside, its the text I’m most interested in!


  2. Is there any benefit in purchasing the standard British edition over the American one, or the other way around ?
    (mostly, regarding quality of paper / printing, general layout, typeface)


      • Have you checked for any Americanisms or missing “u”s that might occur in words in the US edition?

        Maybe it’s worth getting the English version if we don’t want it in American English?


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