All These Years – Tune In – Extended Special Edition Unboxing

We’ve finally secured a copy of Mark Lewisohn’s Extended Special Edition of The Beatles: All These Years Vol.1: Tune In. The box-set book has been out of stock in Australia for a few weeks, but new supplies have arrived.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is an unboxing of this treasure of packaging and the fine art of book-binding. The set comes in shrink-wrap. Here’s the front and side of the main outer box:Tune In Extended side1

And the rear:Tune In Extended front

The base of the box (still in its shrink-wrap) carries some interesting information:Tune In baseTune In Base detail

Sean Garrehy designed the box set. He’s Art Director at LBBG (Little Brown Book Group) – the UK publishers. Mike Wykes is the owner of Handmade Press, an art and design studio based in Leicester in the UK. As you’ll see later the hand-written design elements of the box set are in Lewisohn’s own writing.

Using a razor blade to carefully remove the shrink-wrap from the base of the box you can slide it up and off:Tune In Extended opening

This reveals the two hardback volumes (together totalling 1728 pages) making up the extended text of All These Years Vol.1: Tune In. These sit inside an inner, three-sided cardboard holder:

Tune In Inner1

So far, so good. This is an impressively packaged and presented item. Here are the three sides of the inner holder. First the right-hand side:Tune In Inner 3

The left side:Tune In Inner 2

And the rear panel:Tune In Rear

When you remove the two books there’s more detail on the inside of the holder. On the right-hand side is a map of Liverpool:Tune In Inner 4

On the rear panel just the word “Why?”:Tune In Inner 5

And on the left a pic and short bio of Mark Lewisohn:Tune In Inner 6

The books themselves are great. Very understated, but oozing quality and all the hallmarks of the bookmakers art. Lewisohn’s website says that they’re printed on New Langely Antique Wove woodfree paper, with red-and-white head and tail bands and red ribbon marker. The covers are very textured, deeply embossed and look good. One comes in dark grey, the other in red:Tune In Book 1Tune In Book 2

Inside there are more photo sections than in the standard editions (and hence more photos) – and many of the photos are laid out in a different way. Here are a couple of examples:Tune In Pics 4 Tune In Pics 3 Tune In Pics 2 Tune In Pics 1

For a comparison between this special edition and the standard UK release here they are standing side-by-side:Tune In Books Comparison

Now that we have it we can’t wait for the holiday season to begin so that we can start ploughing through this baby! All the reviews so far agree: this is the definitive Beatles biography, bar none. And it’s beautiful to boot.

See also the UK and US standard editions compared.

All These Years – Tune In – Deluxe (Frustration….)

We want to get a copy of the Mark Lewisohn extended special deluxe edition of The Beatles: All These Years Vol.1: Tune In.

Only thing is there seem to be none available anywhere in Australia at the moment. The local importers site says they are available, but no bookshops have them in stock. It looks like they only brought in limited numbers and they have sold out straight away.

In frustration we went searching the web to find out what we were missing out on. Here’s a special edition visual hit:All These Years 4All These Years Deluxe 3All These Years Deluxe 7All These Years Deluxe 6All These Years Deluxe 1

Gotta say, it looks nice.

P.S. Check out Lewisohn’s Twitter feed as well. And this.

Mark Lewisohn “Tune In” Book Competition – We Have a Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered our Mark Lewisohn The Beatles: All These Years Volume One: Tune In competition.

We asked the question: “How old was Paul McCartney when John Lennon invited him to join his group The Quarry Men?” The correct answer was that Paul was fifteen years old.

Our winner is John from Roebling, New Jersey in the United States.

Congratulations John. The US publishers Crown Archetype will be sending a copy of the book your way very soon. Enjoy!

The next date to watch out for is November 14 and the release of the extended special edition of the book.

More soon…..

Tune In Expanded.jpg-large

The Beatles: Tune In – US and UK Edition Comparison…and a Competition!

Part One of Mark Lewisohn’s new biography of the Beatles is now out in two separate hard cover editions – one for the United States market, and one for the UK.

So, how are they similar – and how do they differ?

Here are some photos to show you in a direct side-by-side comparison. The UK edition is 946 pages. It appears on the left. The US edition is 932 pages and it appears on the right:

Tune In Cover FrontTune In cover rearThe book spines with their dust jackets on:Tune In cover spine

And without:Tune In Cover Spine no dust cover

There’s an interesting and as-yet unexplained design element about the spines. On both dust-jackets you can see the word “All”. My guess is that Volume 2 will have the the word “These”, and Volume 3 will have the word “Years”. When they are eventually lined up on our bookshelves they will collectively read “All These Years”.

The UK edition gets fancy end papers, front and rear. The front ones show pictures of a youthful John and Paul:Tune In end papers front

The rear has George and Ringo. It is a nice additional design touch:Tune In end papers rear

The US edition has plain end papers. Here are the title pages. First, the UK edition:Tune In Title Pages UK

And the US:

Tune In Title pages US

You’ll be pleased to know that despite the design and layout differences the contents are exactly the same. Both have the same text and chapters, and both have three sections with pages of historic photographs – some of which have never been previously published.

In the UK The Beatles: All These Years Volume One: Tune In is published by Little Brown. In the Unites States the book is published by Crown Archetype.

Now, the people at Crown Archetype have kindly given Beatles Blog a US edition of the book to give away to a lucky reader. All you need to do is answer this simple question:

How old was Paul McCartney when John Lennon invited him to join his group The Quarry Men?

The first correct answer to reach beatlesblogger @ gmail . com will win a US copy of Mark Lewisohn’s book – kindly provided by publishers Crown Archetype.

The Beatles Tune In – Lewisohn’s New Book Out Today

Volume One of Mark Lewisohn’s new biography of the Beatles is out in the UK today.

The book is called The Beatles: All These Years – Volume One: Tune In. The marketing people have come up with a catch-phrase: Throw away what you think you know and start afresh.

It may well be true.

We’ll know more when we see the book for ourselves – but early reports and reviews are good. They’re saying that there is “….a surprise on every page, a revelation in every second chapter.”

At the moment on the book’s official homepage they are running seven read extracts from the audio edition. Here they are collected on SoundCloud for you:

  1. All These Years – Introduction (Read by Mark Lewisohn)
  2. All These Years – Extract Two (Jim McCartney warns his son Paul that John Lennon will get him into trouble. Read by Mark Lewisohn)
  3. All These Years – Extract Three (The decisive moment in John’s separation from both his father and mother. Read by Clive Mantle)
  4. All These Years – Extract Four (John and Paul meet for the first time. Read by Clive Mantle)
  5. All These Years – Extract Five  (John and Paul welcome young George Harrison’s talents into the mix. Read by Clive Mantle)
  6. All These Years – Extract Six (Paul is growing up fast, and 1958 draws to a colourful close. Read by Clive Mantle)
  7. All These Years  – Extract Seven (Pete Best is unwell so the Beatles grab Ringo Starr as temporary deputy – and enjoy the difference. Read by Clive Mantle)

Beatles - Tune in LogoSee also Mark Lewisohn on YouTube (three short videos) talking about the background to the book, and the different versions which will be available.

Beatles Books – Hardcover….and Electronic

The general consensus from Beatle fans so far is unanimous: the cover art for Mark Lewisohn’s first volume in his series of three books is really quite amateur-looking, and I agree:lewisohn Beatles book

This is a very disappointing cover, one that doesn’t do justice to the high expectations surrounding the release of this long-awaited Beatles book. Someone of Lewisohn’s standing should get better than this. It comes out later this year.

Meanwhile, the Linda McCartney book Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs has been released in electronic/digital form on iTunes.


Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs features:

  • over 170 photographs selected from Linda’s archive of over 200,000 images—most of which users can pinch to zoom
  • forewords by Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney, texts by Annie Leibovitz and Martin Harrison, and excerpts from interviews with Linda from BBC’s highly acclaimed 1994 “Behind the Lens” profile
  • a bonus video interview with Paul McCartney and his daughters, Stella and Mary

The collection was produced in close collaboration with Paul McCartney and his children. When it first came out in hard copy the McCartney family released a YouTube video talking about the book.