Australian A Hard Day’s Night – BluRay and DVD

Finally got hold of an Australian, two-disc, BluRay/DVD edition of the 50th anniversary release of A Hard Day’s Night.

Not much to show really. We here in “Region B” get a low-cost, very basic set in a standard BluRay blue plastic box….not even a booklet or insert inside:

AHDN frontAHDN rearAHDN BluRay1AHDN DVD1The BluRay special features are The Beatles: The Road to A Hard Day’s Night – An Interview with author Mark Lewisohn; In their Own Voices – The Beatles on A Hard Day’s Night; Anotomy of a Style – a piece on Richard Lester’s methods; Picturwise – A featurette on Richard Lester; Audio Commentary – by the cast and crew; and a new trailer for the film.

The DVD adds: You Can’t Do That! – the making of AHDN; The Running Jumping Standing Still Film – Richard Lester’s 1960 short film; Things They Said Today – a 2002 documentary; Audio Commentary – by the cast and crew; and the new trailer for the film.

In Australia the film is distributed by Umbrella Entertainment.

5 thoughts on “Australian A Hard Day’s Night – BluRay and DVD

  1. This isn’t just ‘no frills’ packaging, it’s no AHDN packaging! The front cover photo is from the ‘Twist And Shout’ EP cover photo session by Fiona Adams from April 1963. Umbrella Entertainment know it’s wrong, but they used it anyhow on initial issues as they already had it printed. Fortunately, they have a slightly better design (AHDN photos) on their second print run.


    • A slightly better design? Well – it’s heading in the right direction. But the completely out of place ‘flash’ photo of Ringo walking, while the others are doing the Beatle jump parody – is awful. There was more than just one picture of Ringo doing the ‘parody Beatle jump’ from the same AHDN session as J,P and G that could have been used. I can’t believe Umbrella’s Graphics dept. got it so wrong – again! Ugly…


  2. Anybody else had problems with the audio and video of the film being out of sync when playing the ‘audio commentary’ option on the Umbrella release?


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