Teaser for The Beatles “1” DVD?

The official Beatles website has emailed subscribers overnight teasing what could be the long-promised Beatles “1” DVD/BluRay – which has been rumoured to be in preparation for over a year now and will contain official versions of all the band’s promo videos and film-clips. _theBeatles1

There’s precious little other information apart from the Twitter hashtag #THEBEATLES1…..and a 16 second video on the Beatles official YouTube channel:

The Beatles website has been given over to a holding page with the countdown clip as well.

It’s all very cryptic, but must surely be leading up to the announcement of a video equivalent of the top-selling “1” CD and vinyl.

3 thoughts on “Teaser for The Beatles “1” DVD?

  1. I remember Giles Martin saying in an interview last year that he had 3 or 4 Beatles projects he was working on. Hopefully we will see a Blue Ray for 1 and the Let it Be movie soon. Michael Lindsay Hogg said on his Facebook that he is hoping LIB will be out by 2017. Maybe he knows something we don’t know.


  2. I’m working on a video all about Beatles advertisements (for themselves), and I can assure you that, from time to time new released were advertised regularly, after a couple of years. Just consider The Beatles 1 hasn’t be advertised since 2000.


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