John Lennon “Rip It Up – 15 Rock’n’Roll Greats”

Earlier this week we reported finally receiving a replacement copy of John Lennon’s Rock’n’Roll LP.

Well, the very next day we happened to be on the New South Wales central coast and popped in to one of the best second-hand vinyl stores around – The Sound Exchange Record Bar – at a place called Long Jetty.

And what should we find there but an almost mint copy of the hard-to-find, Australia-only, ultra-budget version of the very same record:Rip It Up

In 1988 EMI licensed the rights to Lennon’s Rock’nRoll album to the Australian specialty budget label, J&B Records:J&B Logo

J&B had a large catalogue back in the day, and sold most of their records through supermarkets and department stores. Everything from Glen Campbell to Connie Francis compilations. From Roy Orbison to the Village People. They had lots of well-known Australian artists in the catalogue as well: John Farnham, Glenn Shorrock (ex Little River Band), Dragon and Billy Field. So it was a surprise to see an artist like John Lennon in there too.

J&B called their record Rip It Up – 15 Rock’n’Roll Greats. This is exactly the same songs and running order of the original 1975 Apple Records release. Just the cover was changed. Here’s the rear cover:Rip It Up Rear

And the J&B label:Rip It Up Label

As you can see, no expense was spared on the artwork! Even so, this is a really good copy for its age – still glossy front cover, no ring wear, and the record itself looks almost unplayed.

3 thoughts on “John Lennon “Rip It Up – 15 Rock’n’Roll Greats”

  1. Hi, I am currently in Covid lockdown , and am discovering my record collection. I have this record in much better condition than yours- kept in those hard plastic covers from brashs.
    Do you have any idea of value, originally paid $7


    • Hi Cassandra, sounds like the one you have is in really good condition. One place to go to get a rough idea of value is the Discogs site. There you can search for just about any record ever released. They have a marketplace where people buy and sell, so you can get an idea of what sellers are asking. Plus they have some history of what discs have sold for previously too. I looked up this John Lennon disc and you can see that the prices that sellers are advertising range from about A$27 up to A$50. The median price of previous sales though is about A$29.
      Hope this helps!


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