Ringo’s “Octopus’s Garden” Children’s Book

Seems to be a steadily rising number of Beatle children’s books about. If you have young ones or you just appreciate the child-like qualities of kids books, they’re nice to have.

The latest is a picture book illustrating Ringo Starr’s song ‘Octopus’s Garden’:

Octopus's Garden Book

Octopus’s Garden is published by Simon and Schuster and beautifully illustrated by British children’s book illustrator Ben Cort. It’s a large-format, hardback book with really nice pictures to accompany the printed lyrics to the song:octopus-garden-interior-1024x593

There’s also a CD included with four tracks. Track 1 is a short spoken endorsement from Ringo; Track 2 is a new recording of ‘Octopus’s Garden’ (with Ringo providing the vocal); Track 3 has Ringo reading the story (without music); and finally an instrumental version for you or your child to sing along with:octopus's garden 2Here’s a little promo video with more of a taste of what you get:

See also Real Love: The Drawings for Sean from 1999.

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