An Unusual Beatles “1” CD

We were at a record fair the other day and picked up The Beatles 1 compilation CD from 2000. The front cover looks familiar:Beatle 1 Not EU 1

As does the rear:Beatle 1 Not EU 2

That is, until you look more closely at the fine print – just below the barcode:

Beatle 1 Not EU 4

There it says quite clearly, in bolded letters, “Not resale in the EU“. Never seen that before. Then there’s the disc itself:Beatle 1 Not EU 3

Looks rather standard, but it too has the words “Not resale in the EU. LC 0299” in the small print around the perimeter:

Beatle 1 Not EU 3-1

Anyone seen this one before, or know what it means?

5 thoughts on “An Unusual Beatles “1” CD

  1. “Not resale in the EU”, is that proper English? Might be a pirate copy.
    If you flip the cd itself, are there digits near the center of the disc (round the hole) ? If there are none: bingo.


    • Hi. Thanks for that hint. Had a look on the silver side of the CD and yes – the catalogue number is etched there in tiny print (the same number as on the bar code printed on the rear cover artwork – 7 24352 93252 28). So it all looks legit and genuine.


  2. Back in the day, record companies would issue vinyl albums & 45’s to radio stations and they’d usually be stamped as “Promotional/not for resale”, or words to that effect. Perhaps this was the case with cd’s as well?


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