George Harrison – The Stories Behind the Albums

We just had an email from Universal Music alerting us that the George Harrison page on their site has some new content.

Every week, music writer Richard Havers will review each of the fourteen Harrison solo albums and tell the stories behind them. Each review will contain audio streams of the album (Spotify and Deezer), quotes, insights and soundbites.

So far they have up there: Wonderwall Music; Electronic Sound; All Things Must Pass; The Concert for Bangladesh; and Living in the Material World.



3 thoughts on “George Harrison – The Stories Behind the Albums

  1. Hi From Liverpool , Look forward to these reviews , George surrounded himself with some Amazing Musicians Via his solo work , From What became Eric Clapton’s Band Derek & The Dominos to The 70s L.A Crowd , + Billy Preston etc .


  2. Cool stuff, George was always underrated and I really enjoy his music (and guitar playing!) Looking forward to reading these articles, and this will give me a good excuse to dive back into George’s catalog.


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