Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary Re-Issues Revealed

Significantly more detail has emerged about the May 26th release of the 50th Anniversary Editions of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

As already noted, the BIG news is that there’ll be a 2LP set;  a 1CD set; a 2CD Deluxe Edition; and a 6 Disc Super Deluxe Edition! That’s four CDs plus a DVD and a Blu-ray disc of the documentary “The Making of Sgt. Pepper”.

This “unboxing” video has been released:

As you can see, it says “Remixed….a brand new stereo mix by Giles Martin and Sam Okell from the original master tapes”.

Plus, wait for it, one CD of “previously unreleased session takes” in the double CD set, and in the 6 disc edition “two CD’s of extras – a deeper dive with 100 minutes of outtakes, many previously unheard and unreleased”.

There’ll also be a Mono mix “…with 6 extra tracks, including the ‘lost’ version of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.

Phew!  More soon.

(click image for larger version)

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