Beatles White Album 50th Anniversary SDE – Anyone Else Worried?

We’ve just taken delivery of the new Beatles 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album), and we love the look of the packaging.

It is undeniably beautiful in its pure-white, large format book form, and the clear plastic slipcase – printed with the four band members on the front and the track listing on the back –  creates a very special first impression. But for how long?

While we appreciate the design, we couldn’t help but be reminded of two similar approaches to this style of packaging that have not stood the test of time.

Both examples signal that there will be definitely be a long-term deterioration to your pristine new 50th Anniversary White Album clear plastic slipcase.

As it turns out the two examples were both released twenty years ago in 1998, and the first is from the Beatles own Apple Records, so you might have thought that they’d have learned something about what happens to clear plastic outer slipcases over time.

It’s actually The White Album in its 30th anniversary edition version:

While a much smaller and more modest design, the 30th anniversary White Album also comes in a clear plastic outer slipcase, similar to the new 50th anniversary edition. The example shown here was purchased brand new in 1998 and we’ve tried hard to keep it in mint condition. But even so, that plastic outer sleeve is beginning to show the first signs of ageing and yellowing:

Likewise, there’s a wonderful deluxe, long-box style book and three CD set called The Look of Love – The Burt Bacharach Collection, that’s showing even worse signs of age on its once crystal clear plastic outer sleeve:

This too has been in our collection since new from 1998, but that plastic outer sleeve – on which is printed the album title and a list of some of the top songs it contains – is now almost completely yellowed, especially around the spine area where it is glued:

At the time of release this clear slipcase was a real design plus – but sadly it’s now looking quite ordinary and aged:

Interestingly the cardboard packaging part of the design inside both slipcases have stayed nice and white:

So, it begs the question: in twenty years time what will your 2018 Super Deluxe Edition of The Beatles White Album look like?

4 thoughts on “Beatles White Album 50th Anniversary SDE – Anyone Else Worried?

  1. Oh Yes Indeed,

    I hear you. I have WA 20th Number 0302894 and its not as yellowed as yours but has definitely a tint. Ageing is making the plastic cover look brittle but have seen all grades of this CD in shops with plastic covers looking extreme yellowish brown and cracking to only a few that were most likely locked away in a collectors cabinet close to mint.

    Im not happy with my cellophane cover on the 4 CD lennon Set after a few decades , looks terrible, Im not even going to talk about shrink wraped LPs from the 70 80 and 90s !


    W Nala


  2. 2o th ! I meant 30 th !

    Time is flying ….

    10 Anniversay White Vinyl Capitol ?
    20 Anniversary See Thru White Vinyl ?
    20 Anniversary on C D first time ?
    30 Anniversary Mini LP CD

    40 ? ? Remasters

    50 Well , a Delux of every format .

    From memory , and all in collection.

    OH ! First time pressed on vinyl from Digital Tapes 88 ?

    Plus originals of course ……


    W Nala


    • Always someone who likes to be a negitive killjoy , yes I do enjoy the music and I do like the collecting. Have an awesome day Jeffrey . Lol .


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