Paul McCartney – McCartney III Imagined

After more dice being mailed out to certain fans and a short social media teaser campaign, it’s just been officially announced that there’s to be an album of McCartney III covers and remixes – called McCartney III Imagined.

The details are here and it looks to be a REALLY eclectic and inventive choice of artists:

It’s a 2LP set – and the coloured vinyl whirlwind begins all over again……

At the official McCartney store you can order a limited edition exclusive splatter vinyl, and exclusive cover art:

And of course plain old black:

As far as we know right now there’ll also be an exclusive limited edition gold vinyl version available through Indie stores:Plus a green Spotify exclusive version (available through the official McCartney store):Newbury Comics in the US has weighed in again, this time with red vinyl:

Barnes and Noble (in the US) has added blue to the rainbow:

While Target has announced a silver vinyl exclusive with “alternate artwork” enclosed:

Meanwhile, back over at the McCartney Store (only in the US) they now have a limited edition pink vinyl available, 2500 copies only:

And the official store in the US has also added a dark green vinyl variant. It comes in the same unique cover as the splatter and pink. This green is darker than the Spoitfy vinyl, and there are only 2000 copies available apparently:

McCartney iii Imagined 2There’ll be a single CD too:

And Target stores (US only) will have the CD “with alternate artwork enclosed”:The first YouTube video has also hit. It is Dominic Fike’s version of ‘The Kiss of Venus’. Interesting!

So, what is your take on it? Let us know in the comments below.

Some sites are saying the digital release is April 16. Looks like physical media won’t ship until July 23 though, which is a long way off.

Keep an eye on our site for more details (and vinyl colour variations) as they emerge!

10 thoughts on “Paul McCartney – McCartney III Imagined

  1. Target in the USA have a Silver LP version of McCartney III Imagined and aso an exclusive CD both with ‘alternative artwork enclosed’.


  2. As the great philosopher George W. Bush once said:

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…er….you can’t get fooled again.’”


  3. For Me this really is not core collection material . It’s just coloured vinyl of artists doing versions of a terrible Album , that would not have got even close to a Number 1 unless for the multi coloured versions . This is too much . Another cash grab . No thank you Macca .


  4. I’m a Macca fan since the 7ties and I bought the splattered vinyl ,the indie exclusive in my record store and the cd also in my record store in which I buy almost all my new records and cd’s and in which I can order ( and get!) what i want from RSD.


    • Good on you for supporting your local record store! We’ll be getting the splatter like you, plus the green Spotify exclusive. Takes a while for them to get to Australia though. Will probably get the CD at some stage too.


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