Traveling Wilburys – 30th Anniversary Picture Disc Announced

The official George Harrison social sites (Instagram, Twitter) have been carrying cryptic Traveling Wilbury teasers for a couple of days:

It’s now been revealed what it’s all about:

Universal Music, via a Concord Records’ subsidiary Craft Recordings, is to release a limited edition, 30th Anniversary picture disc pressing of The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 LP.Pre-order pics show that Side 1 carries the Wilbury logo, while Side 2 features an image from this video for ‘Handle Me With Care’, shot by Alberto Tolot:

The picture disc will be issued on November 2.

The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 Picture Disc Track List

A1. “Handle With Care”
A2. “Dirty World”
A3. “Rattled”
A4. “Last Night”
A5. “Not Alone Any More”
B1. “Congratulations”
B2. “Heading for the Light”
B3. “Margarita”
B4. “Tweeter and the Monkey Man”
B5. “End of the Line”

George Harrison – Traveling Wilburys (Deluxe)

If there’s ever a thing to get a collector going it is a couple of different versions of the same release….

Enter the George Harrison side project The Traveling Wilburys, a super band he shared credit for with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.  (Or, as they are credited on the album sleeve: Lucky, Otis, Charlie T. Jnr. and Nelson Wilbury).

In 2007 Rhino Records released a limited edition box set of the two Wilbury albums, plus a DVD disc featuring a twenty-four minute documentary on the band and a collection of music videos.

The box set was released in three editions; the standard edition, with both CDs and DVD in a silver-coloured double digipak package with a 16-page booklet, and a “deluxe” boxed edition with the CDs and DVD, a hard-back 40-page booklet, and an envelope containing two old-style photos, two modern band photos, and a sticker.

The first release of this deluxe edition came out in a white linen covered box. However, you can see in the pictures below not one, but two versions of this deluxe box set – that’s because the first edition was so popular it quickly sold out….and so a year later they released another version – this time with the exact same content inside but housed in a blue linen covered box.

Each comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and is numbered. The white box here is number 18887. The blue box is numbered 102681.  Both are now pretty hard to find, though I think the white box is the rarer as there were fewer produced.  There was also a vinyl edition of the set – but I haven’t got that one. Yet…..

Traveling Wilburys     The Traveling Wilburys Collection

(First & Second Editions)

Label: Rhino  Records

Cat. No.:   R2 167868     (8122 7998 233)

2007 and 2008/US/2 CD/1 DVD/Ltd. Ed./book/4 photos/sticker/linen covered box sets

Traveling Wilburys 1st and 2nd Editions

Traveling Wilburys 1st and 2nd Editions

Traveling Wilburys 1st and 2nd Editions

Traveling Wilburys 1st and 2nd Editions - Front

Inside the 1st Edition Deluxe Box

Inside the 1st Edition Deluxe Box