Label Variations – Part Five “Band on the Run”

I have to thank the very wonderful Chained and Perfumed blogsite for this one. Every now and then this site features photos of interesting record labels from their own collection. One recent post highlights a whole raft of great images – different versions of “Band on the Run” (on vinyl) from around the world.

Chained and Perfumed got these from Ebay from a seller who has on offer a large number of versions of Paul McCartney’s classic album, itself recently re-issued on vinyl.

Like Chained and Perfumed we like seeing different global variations – so here are few from the Ebay collection, followed by a couple from my own collection. First off a couple of different Korean pressings:

Then Greece and Italy:

And France (on nice yellow vinyl):

India and Sweden both used the traditional Apple:

While for some strange reason New Zealand used the same Apple colour as those used on George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” original vinyl:

The Japanese pressings used the original custom labels. Here are two versions, one with the Apple logo, the other with the Capital and MPL logos:

And now for Argentina and Mexico:

Here’s an interesting version on Odeon Records in Germany:

There are a couple of Russian versions on Ebay. Firstly one on Santa Records and then the more common Melodiya:

Next come a couple of UK versions. The first is a pretty standard issue, but without the Apple logo appearing:

The next is a special limited edition of the disc from 1997, released to celebrate the EMI Records Centenary – 100 Years of recording:

Here are some labels that are from my own collection which are not represented  above which you might also find interesting if you are into this sort of thing. First is a Canadian pressing – which I think is actually exactly the same as the US:

We had a strange example from New Zealand above. The re-issue of “Band on the Run” in that country came out on Parlophone Records:

Of course there is always the standard, original UK pressing with the Apple logo:

In Australia the original release also looked very much like the UK:

The re-issues in Australia though came out on the Capital label. Here are two variations, one on purple Capital the other on blue Capital:

Finally, in 1999 for the 25th anniversary of the release of “Band on the Run” there came a two-disc, limited edition, remastered version. This is the UK pressing of disc 1:

And here’s the second disc, which contained previously unreleased material featuring alternate versions and special interviews on the making of “Band on the Run”:

If you’d like to see some more Beatles and Beatles related record label variations you can go to:

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4 thoughts on “Label Variations – Part Five “Band on the Run”

  1. Hi
    Please noted that the first (blue label )and second (black label ) of the Korean pressings are un0fficial releases from Taiwan.
    Back in the 70’s, copyright control in Taiwan was not strict, there were many record companies releasing the same record under their own brand name.


  2. Hi Maninov,
    Thanks for that info. Its good to know the illegal from the legal. I try to keep all my collection entirely of legal stuff (though I got some strange, semi-official looking Chinese releases in Vietnam last year. You can see my posts on these. Part One is at: ). There are four parts all together. However, I know there are a lot people out there who like to collect pirate and bootleg stuff as well.


  3. Hi

    Very interesting variations of this album. I have one given to me by my dad in the 70’s. It’s the French yellow disc version, Whilst it has the correct label for Band on the Run on side 1, the reverse label is Sgt Pepper on the EMI Parlaphone label made in France. I assume the number C066 04 177B is the cat number and it’s a pressing error. Heard of this one?




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