Another (Brief) Chance to See Paul in Rio Live

Paul McCartney’s concert in Rio last Sunday, 22nd May, was broadcast live over the internet by Terra in Latin America. They have kindly loaned his site the tapes so that anyone who was not lucky enough to watch it live will still get the chance to see the show – but only for a very limited time.

The videos are only up on Paul’s site until midnight on Friday, 26 May so make sure you have a look.

Its worth seeing just for “Hey Jude”, where the Brazilian fans came prepared for the song with their own home-made signs, as Paul himself points out:

“Whilst doing ‘Hey Jude’ when I handed over to the audience to sing the ‘na na na na’s’ suddenly the audience produced these signs. It was such a visual thing. It was very emotional because the fans had gone to all that trouble. They could have just come to the show and watched it but they all communicated before hand to make the special moment happen. They connected with each other, then connected with us and the entire crew. Everyone felt connected. It was very exciting and emotional to see that people care so much.”

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