The Beatles Box

In the city the other day I stumbled upon this box of Beatles books:

It gathers together four books by respected British Beatles historian and writer Alan Clayson. Collectively it’s called “The Beatles Box”, and contains four individual books on each member of the group. There’s one on John Lennon (which was originally published in 2003):

One on Paul McCartney (also originally published in 2003):

One on George Harrison (originally published in 1996 as “The Quiet One: A Life of George Harrison”, but updated here in 2003):

And one on Ringo Starr (originally published in 1996 as “Ringo Starr: Straight Man or Joker?”, but also updated here in 2003):

This box of books is nicely designed. The covers are all complementary and the book spines line up when they are placed side-by-side in the box, with photos of each looking out:

“The Beatles Box” is published by Sanctuary Publishing. Alan Clayson is also a musician and has his own website.

4 thoughts on “The Beatles Box

  1. A year again, I found the George’s book separately in a shop of bargain books.

    Looking the side-by-side picture, this George’s book seems to be teh larger one, strange !


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