Beatles Rock’n’Roll Music Vols 1 & 2

Found this great pic on the web the other day:

It’s a beauty – and kind of joyous. The faces behind the Beatles are just as interesting to look at as the band themselves. Check out the face of the cop, who seems to be looking straight at the camera.

This looks like the first arrival in the United States?

Clearly this photograph is from the same day and same photographer as this shot used for these two covers, only the background crowd has been Photoshopped out:

For more info on these releases see the Beatles Music for Pleasure.

3 thoughts on “Beatles Rock’n’Roll Music Vols 1 & 2

  1. Hi Roger,
    Of course you are correct. I should have put those covers up as well as they show that it is in fact the same day the black and white photo was taken. This is especially pertinent to me as the picture with the background (like the Capitol releases) was also used for the Australian “budget” releases of these albums on the Axis label. I put a pic of one of them in my post:


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