George Harrison “Living in the Material World” Multi-Touch book

Not one but two press releases out today (one from The Beatles official site, the other from the George Harrison official site) about a new “multi-touch” e-book edition of “Living in the Material World”.

There’s even a fancy trailer to look at:

This all comes hot on the heals of the release in the United States on DVD, BluRay and a Deluxe box set edition (which have all been out in the UK and other parts of the world since October last year) of the Martin Scorsese documentary film of the same name, plus a CD, Vinyl and Digital release of George Harrison previously un-released out-takes called “Early Takes – Volume 1“.

Another screenshot from the “multi-touch” edition.

Very soon I’ll have a copy of the DVD and a copy of the CD to give away to two lucky readers. 

4 thoughts on “George Harrison “Living in the Material World” Multi-Touch book

  1. It’s a beautiful film and it finally did justice to the career of George. I could see some progress and I’m dying to see the full documetal. No doubt the book is very appealing and interesting, it is difficult to buy on eBay because this is riddled with copies signed by Olvia, I do not know if rubrics will be authentic but the value of these copies are astronomical and impossible for many of the fans . I really would love to have the DVD!


  2. George did have a lot of song writing cpooetitimn with his band mates but produced some beautiful and meaningful works. He also had a fabulous, wry sense of humour that was often overshadowed by John’s abrasive and witty comments and Paul’s cuteness .When I get tired of these long, dreary winter days, Here comes the Sun always makes me smile. To this day I, and many others are still major fans. I don’t think much of today’s music can touch theirs. Today’s is all formulatic with a dozen dancers behind so you don’t realize it’s all the same.


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