All Things Must Pass – Label Variations Update

At the “All Things Must Pass” Label Variations post, and the “All Things Must Pass” Record Store Day edition page there’s been a bit of conversation about a strange example of this now classic George Harrison release. Reader Paul writes:

“The box set pressing I have with….labels that say ‘mfd in the UK 1970′ comes in a USA box with orange inner, with a USA poster and USA inner sleeves. The strange thing is that sides 1,2,3 & 4 have the uncut, full Apple label like the Australian release instead of the cut Apple on sides 2 & 4. My guess is that the UK LPs were shipped over to America and packaged there using the USA box and inners? I can’t come up with an answer as to why the 4 orange Apple labels show the uncut Apple on all sides? Any ideas?”

Anyone with any more information on this one is welcome to contribute to the discussion.

This reminded me of a further variation that came into my collection that’s not detailed in either of the posts above. It is a rare Capitol Records label re-issue of “All Things Must Pass”, with records One and Two on the purple Capitol label:

And record Three – the “Apple Jam” disc – on the Orange Capitol label:

This set comes in the usual box with the hinged lid, lined in orange on the inside, the three different coloured inner-bags (which are light paper), and it has the the big George Harrison poster. All printed in the USA.

7 thoughts on “All Things Must Pass – Label Variations Update

  1. On Sunday I purchased a 3 lp box at the flea
    Market. I’m trying to figure out when it’s from. It has an all white inside cover instead of orange. It does not have clapton’s name listed, it has two orange apple labels and one green apple jam label on the vinyls. There is a hand written number in the dead wax: stch (side number) and a g-8. On the first disc there is a letter scribbled out and a s shaPe with a r and a c inside of it. The font on the labels is the same as on the cover. The three record sleeves are purple, grey and what I would call dark green; not mustard. There are no barcOdes or serial numbers.


    • The spine reads George Harrison/ All things must Pass stch -639. Box is printed in USA. There is no writing around the apple disc labels except mfd by apple records inc.
      Anyone has any idea what pressing this is I would love to know thanks!
      Ps. Loved reading your article


      • O just to be clear , the dead wax reads “stch (side) 693” then it has g- number . This set is near mint and I have a hard time Believing its 40 years old. I didn’t ask the vender just because I was so excited to find it. I went to the flea market only wanting to find this record. I paid $30 for it, he wouldn’t budge on his price but the condition was so good I didn’t care.


      • It does have a poster too, not sure if I mentioned that. I hope my description was clear enough, if anyone reading this has time, please give me your answer to what pressing you think it is, THANKS!


  2. About the orange unsliced Apple labels. There may have possibly been an abundance of those labels.Why? I have no idea.The only reason that I think that is, McCartney’s Band On The Run was pressed with full Orange (All Things Must Pass) Apple labels on sides 1 & 2. I saw one on Ebay a few years ago but it had already sold I believe. I’d LOVE to find one for myself as I am fascinated by different Apple variations.


  3. Glad to have found the above! I have the Capitol Records label re-issue of “All Things Must Pass”, with records One and Two on the purple Capitol label and Apple Jam on the orange. Any idea of details on this? They All came out of the Winchester factory. Perhaps they were being pressed during the label switch?

    Any details, even basic would be helpful!


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