Lots of Beatles Vinyl News – Part 2

In addition to the big news that the Beatles vinyl collection has finally been prepared for release comes news that a commemorative 7″ single is being re-issued to mark 50 years next month since the release of the Beatles first single – “Love Me Do”:

October 4, 1962 saw a review in trade magazine “Record Retailer” of a debut single that was coming out the next day from a new band. It read:

“A new group from the Liverpool area. Their first record but they already have a strong following and this seems to be the strongest outsider of the week.”

“Love Me Do” by the Beatles was released on October 5, 1962 and the band was off on their journey. Within a week the single entered the UK chart at 49 and it was eventually to go as high as 17 while spending 18 weeks on the chart.

To celebrate this important date in the history of British rock, EMI records are releasing a replica of the original single in its original colourful house Parlophone paper sleeve. The audio is taken from the mono remaster of 2009 to ensure highest quality playback. This is a limited edition which will not be re-manufactured.

Featured Tracks
Side 1
Love Me Do (Original Single Version) (2009 – Remaster)
Side 2
P.S. I Love You (2009 – Remaster)

2 thoughts on “Lots of Beatles Vinyl News – Part 2

  1. Since yesterday 09/30/2012 can be pre-order the single on Amazon or Ebay. I preordené mine, not to stay outside and avoid price speculation that there may be high after the release because this will be a limited edition.


  2. Are you following the saga of the mis-pressed single? New info is coming to light daily, but the upshot is, EMI ludicrously pressed up the single with the album version by mistake. Just before the day it was to be issued they sent out messages to retailers telling them to return them to EMI. Of course, some got out and on sale on Ebay for rather high sums. Unclear at the moment if a corrected version will ever be issued.


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