John Lennon’s Poster Replicated – Mr Kite!

This is nice.

The Beatles tune “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” was inspired by an 1843 circus poster that John Lennon purchased at an antiques store and hung in his music room.

Now London designer and Beatles superfan Peter Dean has recreated this poster in obsessive detail. He went so far as to collaborate with a wood-engraving artist and had the final poster letterpress printed. The short film (above) has been made about the project. You can find a larger format version of it and a lot more info on a cool website at:

And for more info Peter’s email is:

2 thoughts on “John Lennon’s Poster Replicated – Mr Kite!

  1. It’s quite expensive, but after watching the video, I can see why it would cost so much. So much effort has been made to make this poster,all while reviewing a photo of John with the poster, and figuring out how the poster would look like in actual size! Definitely would be awesome to own.


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